Best Intermediate Tennis Racket | 2022 Guide and Reviews

Best IntBest Intermediate Tennis Racket | 2020 Guide and Reviewsermediate Tennis Racket

Now you have put in the practice and fine-tuned your technique, it might be time to upgrade to a racket a better suited to an intermediate player. When the time comes to move beyond basic rackets reserved for beginners, you will find a much broader selection of models to consider. A greater variety of options is not always a good thing, however. Many intermediate players rush into the purchase of their second racket, spending a small fortune until they find something suited to their requirements. Our helpful guide has all the information you need to bear in mind when selecting the best intermediate tennis racket from what is available on the market.

Is the Time Right for an Intermediate Racket?

This is an important question to ask yourself before you part with your hard-earned cash. You need to think long and hard about whether or not you are in fact an intermediate level player. If you have been playing for a year or two and have steadily developed a decent technique, chances are you qualify as an intermediate player and are ready to upgrade your equipment to a new racket. An intermediate player should be able to hit the ball over the net with little effort, even if they struggle with ball control. You may also find your serves and strokes lacking when it comes to spin and power.

What Intermediate Players Need to Consider

Compared to beginners, intermediate players have a lot more to think about when selecting a suitable racket. One thing you will want to consider is the style of your swing. You also need to ask yourself whether you need help with ball control and putting power on your strokes. You should also consider the type of match scenarios you are likely to indulge in. Do you only play single games? If you play double games regularly, you need to think about whether you are classed as net player or baseline player. Finally, you need to determine how regularly you play tennis. If you are a common fixture at your local court or tennis center, chances are you are looking to improve your technique and playing ability quickly. As such, you will need an intermediate racket that will help you along to the next level.

The Importance of Swing Style

When it comes to selecting an intermediate tennis racket, your swing style should be at the forefront of your mind. A smaller racket may be the way to go if you have a faster and longer swing. Those players with faster swings than the standard will usually require less assistance when it comes to power. Instead, they will need help with refining control over the ball. A smaller racket is ideal for enhancing overall control of the ball. Look for a racket that measures around 100 square inches or less if your swing is of the faster variety.

If your swing is still relatively slow and short, you will benefit from a racket that provides you with added power. Avoid smaller rackets and opt for ones that measure a minimum of 100 square inches. The larger frames of these rackets will provide you with the force you need to put power into your swings. You might also want to consider rackets with thicker frame profiles. A more robust frame will also help you out when it comes to adding power to your play.

Other Things to Think About

The sheer range of intermediate rackets on offer means you will need to carefully consider the type of games you play before investing in a new piece of equipment. Some racket models are better suited to singles play than others. If you are someone who likes to keep the baseline and hit consistent ground strokes, you should think about investing in a racket that offers a larger sweet spot. Although these types of racket are trickier to wield than smaller alternatives, they provide you with plenty of power.

If you are someone who regularly plays doubles tennis, a more versatile choice of racket is called for. With more players on the court, you will need to keep up with a faster pace. A cumbersome tennis racket with a bulky frame simply will not do in this situation. For best results when playing doubles, look for smaller rackets that measure no more than 105 square inches. These smaller rackets are much easier to handle and allow for superior levels of control. This is essential when it comes to placing volleys successfully.

Thinking Ahead

If you plan to continue your tennis training and build towards an advanced level of play, the racket you select at this intermediate point should allow for that. Most individuals will spend far longer training at an intermediate level than at the beginner stage. Any racket you buy at this point should be selected in accordance to your individual playing style. If you have a generous budget, you should also think about spending substantially more on an intermediate racket than what you might have forked out for a starter racket. You will want a piece of equipment that will last for you many months, if not years. Therefore, look for first-rate frames made from hard-wearing materials. Racket frames made from graphite are a particularly good option at this stage. Graphite is incredibly lightweight, making rackets made from it well suited to those with faster swing speeds. Unlike other lightweight materials, graphite is very durable and will not succumb to wear and tear, meaning you do not need to worry too much about regular maintenance.

In Summary

An intermediate player is best advised to think long and hard about what they are looking for from their next tennis racket. This second tier of tennis racket is more than a simple upgrade from a beginner racket. Look to your next racket as the tool that will take your playing technique to the next level, helping you hone your ability as you build towards the heady heights of advanced play.

Wilson Hyper Hammer 5.3 Tennis Racket

This is a great racket for an intermediate tennis player with a great blend of control, maneuverability and power.

The head of this racket is slightly over-sized – 110 square inches. This makes the sweet spot that ever bit bigger making it easy to perfectly time your shots as you glide across the court.

The racket is also head-heavy which adds a little juice to your shots as you are able to develop more momentum as you hit the tennis ball. The open string pattern of the tennis racket makes it even easier to add power to your shots and helps you control how much spin you add to the ball. The special Wilson Power frame is perfect for players with short and compact swings – you will definitely enjoy playing with this racket!

It is also slightly longer than a normal racket – being 27.5 inches – giving that extra stretch and leverage as you smash the ball across the court.

A good all-round racket for an intermediate player and great for players who like to strike the ball with power.


HEAD MicroGel Radical Tennis Racquet (Strung)

Another great intermediate tennis racket which offers great control, decent spin and is touch heavy and therefore powerful. The special MicroGel technology makes the racket a joy to play with.

The racket is made using a special material called Head MicroGel. This helps share the impact load of your shots around the whole frame which makes it very sturdy and stable to play with. You can also really tell the difference between this racket and a beginners one when feeling for vibrations – it is a lot easier on the wrist and elbow making it a joy to play with a great feel.

The racket head is also slightly wider than a normal traditional racket head which is pretty cool as the design means you will have tonnes more space on the racket head to generate spin giving you that extra edge in more competitive games. 

A great all-round intermediate tennis racket that is fun to play with.


HEAD Ti.S6 Strung Tennis Racquet (4-1/2), Strung

The Head Ti.S6 is a great intermediate tennis players racket which is durable and has a great feel to it.

This is one of the best-selling rackets in the history of Head and it is easy to see why. It is really good for tennis players who love to hit the ball with power. Yet, the racket only weighs 225g – surprisingly light for a racket of its caliber. The special Ti technology uses a combination of both graphite and titanium to make the racket very light-weight and maneuverable yet stiff and firm.

The racket itself is head heavy making it tilt in favor to players who like to play with a lot of power. It is great for baseline players because of the head-heavy balance and good for players who hit with compact to medium strokes.

The racket head is also over-sized – the head is 115 inches squared. This means that there is a large racket area to play with and the sweet spot is relatively large so you have more leeway when you hit the ball off-center.

A great intermediate, head-heavy racket to play which is fun to use as a strong baseline player.


Babolat 2022 Boost D (Boost Drive) Tennis Racquet

The Babolat Boost Drive is a great racket for players looking to step up their game to a more serious level.

Babolat is the chosen brand of the tennis legend Rafael Nadal and when looking at this racket it is easy to see why. When you use this racket you can just feel the quality – it is lightweight, sturdy and offers great control and spin. A real joy to play with!

The racket head is slightly over-sized – 105 inches squared making it great for beginner players. The sweet spot is large enough for intermediate players to time the ball to perfection with every shot and the racket face is large so you have a bigger playing surface.

The racket weighs 9.8 ounces when strung making it relatively light for a racket of this quality due to the modern carbon fiber frame Babolat used by Babolat. The racket head is also very durable and strong, it is definitely built to last.

The racket is head heavy making it great for players who like to strike the ball with power and great momentum and it is also easy to generate a lot of spin using this racket.

A great racket to use for an intermediate player looking to step up their game.


HEAD Ti.S5 CZ Strung Tennis Racquet (Strung)

This is a great racket for an intermediate player looking for a really light-weight racket that feels great to use. 

This racket is super light – it weighs 8.2 oz unstrung. This makes it super maneuverable and comfortable. It is also very forgiving on the wrist and arm helping you play for longer and there seems to be very little problems with vibrations when using this racket.

The racket is 27 ¾ inches in length making it slightly longer than your average racket – this is great for that extra reach you might need in important games and could be the difference in those hard fought rallies.

This particular model comes in two grip sizes 4 ½ inches or 4 ¼ inches which is important to take into account.

This model of racket is also designed with an enlarged sweet-spot which is great for intermediate players really helping time your shots to perfection.

A solid intermediate racket for a player looking for a reliable, more light-weight racket to play with.


Wilson K Zero Tennis Racket

The lightest racket of the K Factor Wilson model, thus racket is ideal for intermediate players who want a maneuverable racket that also comes with great control and ample power.

The head size is a huge 118 inches. This is super over-sized for a good reason – it comes with a massive sweet spot which is great for people coming to grips with and developing their game. It is easy to time shots perfectly with this racket giving you ample power and control in all aspects of the game.

For a racket of its head-size, it is surprisingly maneuverable. It weighs only 9.1 oz unstrung making it lightweight and easy to use.

This racket is also very steady and stable meaning you have great control when using it. The specially designed Kontour Yoke makes sure of this offering enhanced stability at key stress points.

A great beginners racket with a huge sweet-spot – perfect for intermediate players coming to grips with the game.


HEAD Geo Speed Pre-Strung Recreational Tennis Racquet

A good adult intermediate racket perfect for players with a more moderate swing.

The racket head is slightly over-sized – 105 inches to be exact. This makes the sweet spot a little larger than a professional or more advanced racket which is more forgiving for those of us still coming to grips with the game.

The racket balance is head-light. This is great for reducing vibrations and producing a more stable and agile feel when hitting the ball. The frame weight is 10.4 oz or 295 kg for reference making it firm and strong enough to play a good attacking tennis game with.

The Geo Power Technology used by Head means that the shaft is optimally designed to increase your power and control which really shows when you play with this racket.

A great racket offering excellent maneuverability and control, while offering great touch and solid power as well – a great intermediate racket!



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