Best Tennis Bag | 2022 Guide and Reviews

Best Tennis Bag | 2020 Guide and Reviews

Once you have picked out the perfect tennis racket, it is time to select a suitable tennis bag. You will find a wide variety of bags on the market, ranging from simple racket covers to more substantial solutions for carrying rackets along with a host of other accessories. Unsure of what storage solution you need? Our buying guide is on hand to point you in the right direction so you can ensure you are selecting the best tennis bag for your needs.

Bag Capacity

This is arguably the most important thing to consider when selecting a tennis bag. You only need to glance at what is available on the market to see there is a huge variety when it comes to sizing. You should first familiarize yourself with how tennis bags are sized. The most compact form is classed as a 3-pack, while the largest size is referred to as a 15-pack. So-called 3-packs are suitable for those who simply want a sleeve type design to house their racket, with the range of sizes available accommodating all main varieties of racket shapes and sizes. A larger 15-pack is a good option for those who not only want to carry their rackets but also their tennis shoes, socks, balls, sunglasses, elbow brace, and other gear with them at all times.

A larger tote bag that can be carried over the shoulder or a user-friendly backpack might be a more suitable option. These types of bags are often the go-to for the beginner who do not intend to head to the court on a regular basis. If you plan to play more frequently, 3-packs and smaller bags will simply not cut it.

Carrying Weight

When selecting a tennis bag, never overlook the importance of carrying weight. As a general rule of thumb, you should select a tennis bag that is lightweight enough that it can be carried around with ease. However, if you are selecting a more budget-friendly option, you should pay special attention to the manufacturing quality of lighter bags. Some manufacturers cut corners when producing lightweight bags, resulting in inferior quality and bags that tend to wear too quickly.

Consider what type of equipment you will be carting around with you before you choose a suitable tennis bag. If you intend to carry nothing more than racket, an ultra-lightweight build should be more than sufficient. However, if you will be carrying a racket, accessories and other gear along with you at any one time, it makes sense to invest in a more robust bag with a sturdier build, even if this results in a more substantial carrying weight.


Your tennis bag of choice should be made from high-quality materials, ensuring it holds up well to repeated use and can comfortably handle the full load of your tennis gear. You will find many bags made from natural leather on the market. In addition to being very durable, leather is an attractive choice of material. However, leather does require some degree of maintenance to ensure it maintains its integrity and stylish finish. If you are looking for the best in performance and practicality, it makes more sense to invest in a tennis bag made from high-grade synthetic materials. Artificial materials provide superior weather resistance and boast first-rate waterproof properties. Man-made fibers also perform well when it comes to ventilation, making bags made from these materials an ideal option for storing your clothing after a game.

Main Types of Tennis Bags

You have ample choice when it comes to selecting a suitable bag for tennis. Duffel bags are particularly popular with tennis players, providing more than enough space for your preferred racket, towels and other accessories. Carrying bags and totes also provide plenty in the way of storage. However, these bags are best suited to player who can drive to their training grounds. If you need to take public transport or walk to the court, a tennis backpack is probably the best option for you.


Many tennis players appreciate specific branding and design aesthetics when selecting a suitable bag. Most players tend to go for pared-back designs with low-profile branding and colorways. However, if you prefer more vibrant aesthetics and vivid colors, you will also not be disappointed. If you are looking to make an impression as you step out onto court, you might want to go for a more eye-catching racket bag style.

Popular Tennis Bag Brands

You have no shortage of options when it comes to selecting a tennis bag. Popular sportswear brands like HEAD and Adidas often an incredible variety of tennis bags for everyday players, while specialist manufacturers like Wilson and Volkl also provide a healthy selection of suitable products. You can look forward to high standards of manufacturing whenever you invest in a bag from these premium brands. If you already own a tennis racket with a branded cover, you may want to invest in a matching bag for a more uniformed aesthetic.

Things to Consider Before Buying a Tennis Bag

Before you splash out on a new tennis bag, you should think long and hard about what you are looking to put in it.. Your tennis racket is obviously the most important thing to consider as this is an essential component of any game. You should also ensure a bag provides enough space for things like towels, clothing, grip reels and tape, water bottles, tennis balls and more.

A decent tennis bag should also provide you with organised storage for of your essentials. The largest available compartment will provide a protected environment for storing your racket, but there should also be additional compartments for other items. It is always good to have a designated compartment for footwear as this will eliminate unwanted odors from permeating into the rest of the bag. The same logic applies to soiled clothing that needs to be stored away after a successful game.

If you intend to use your tennis bag on a regular basis, you should also think about maintenance. A durable tennis bag should be easy to clean with little more than soap and water. Some bags will also be suitable for machine washing for maximum convenience.

In Summary

Ultimately, you need to determine what works for you when choosing a suitable tennis bag. A large duffel bag will provide you with the best in storage capacity, while a practical backpack scores highly when it comes to carrying convenience. Even the most affordable options on the market provide you with superb storage capacity and user-friendly features, so there is no need to compromise if you only have a smaller budget to play with.

Wilson Advantage Tennis Bag Series – 3 racket hold

A decent affordable tennis bag which gets the job done.

There are multiple compartments which are great for storage of different items. The main compartment holds up to three adult rackets which is ideal for those of use who like to bring our spare rackets for matches or practice sessions in case one our racket strings annoyingly goes. The secondary compartment is relatively large too meaning there is ample space for shoes, clothes and balls making this bag the only thing you need to carry all your gear! The dimensions of the bag  are 28 by 3.5 by 12 inches.

This is a Wislon product and the logo is clearly visible on the front of the bag. Wilson is a renowned tennis brand and as such a tennis bag would be part of their bread and butter guaranteeing function and design. There are also three different designs to choose from – red/white, black/white and black/red meaning there is a bag for everyone’s taste. 

A decent tennis bag which can hold up to three rackets without breaking the bank.


Athletico Sling Bag – Crossbody Backpack

This a small fashionable shoulder strap bag which can hold up to 2 rackets.

There is a reversible shoulder strap which is comfortably padded for ease of transport. It can also easily switch from left to right shoulder meaning you will be able to carry it with the utmost comfort.

There are loads of pockets and compartments meaning you will be able to store your other gear and clothes inside the bag. The main compartment can hold up to 2 tennis rackets with a zipper closure. There is even an external water bottle holder on the outside of the bag with cord lock system for more economical use of space. On the back of the backpack there are some hidden compartments which are great for securing your wallet, keys or phone.

This model comes in four different colors meaning there is a style of bag for everyone.

A decent light-weight back-pack which can carry up to 2 adult rackets. This is great for someone looking for a multi-purpose carry-bag.


Wilson Team 1 Compartment Tennis Bag, Black/Red

A more durable, higher quality, tennis bag that can hold to 2 tennis rackets – the higher Team 2 model can hold up to 6 rackets.

The racket compartment has a zipper which is actually lockable – meaning you will definitely be able to look after your precious tennis rackets. There are many different compartments for ease of storage for other products. There is a zipped side compartment great for storing an easy to access water bottle, there is a bottom zipped up compartment the perfect size for shoes, there is also a zipped interior pocket great for storing your phone, keys and wallet.

In the main storage compartment there is tonnes of space for gear, clothes towels etc. making this a great all-purpose bag. The shoulder straps for carrying the bag are not only adjustable but also padded for even more comfort when carrying the bag to and from court.

A more reliable tennis bag that is made from more durable material. This tennis bag is great for a player who plays more often.


Wilson Fed Team Tennis Bag

Wilson Fed Team Tennis Bag comes in three different models so there is definitely a bag available for everyone. There is a 6 and 12 racket bag along with a backpack available. This review will focus on the six-bag one.

The main section can hold up to 3 rackets with a snug fit and 2 rackets with ease. There is a relatively large storage space with more than enough room for shoes, balls and extra gear and there are multiple smaller compartments for storing different items in separate locations . The bag dimensions are 30 x 12.5 x 7 inches meaning there is lots of space available. The shoulder strap makes carrying the bag easy and it is also removable if you wish to take it off.

The bad itself has a very sleek modern look to it. The design and black and white coloring compliment each other very well and there is even the legend,  Roger Federer’s, signature on the front of the bag.

A bold make of tennis bag with different sizes and colors available meaning there is a tennis bag available for everyone.


Athletico 6 Racquet Tennis Bag | Padded to Protect Rackets & Lightweight | Professional or Beginner Tennis Players | Unisex Design for Men, Women, Youth and Adults

A spacious bag that is capable of holding up to 6 rackets and more  at maximum capacity, this tennis racket bag is a great buy

This bag can be worn as a backpack, carried using its Velcro straps as a handle or worn as a cross-body bag by clipping one of the padded straps across the bag. On top of this, the bag itself is very spacious with plenty of space for all your gear at max capacity. There are two padded racket compartments which are great for storage and protection of your rackets.

There is also a small zip-up side pocket to the side of the bag which is great for storing phones and other valuables. The bag also comes with a built in fence hook which is great for tucking it away off the court when not in use and the fence hook can be put back in a concealable pocket when not being used.

A well-sized bag provides plenty of space for storage and other features which make it a great purchase.


Adidas Unisex Tour Tennis 12 Racquet Bag

This bag makes great use of space – it is perfect for someone looking for a bag which can store and carry a lot of items.

The Adidas Unisex Tour Tennis racket bag has a unique design which means that it is very economical with its space and it can hold up to 12 rackets. The other main pockets are also very wide at the bottom meaning it is very easy to store and find things inside them. The main compartment is also lined with a material that helps with padding and protection of the rackets inside.

The backpack straps are comfortable to use and also durable meaning that they will last a long time. 

The overall design is very bold and sleek with big adidas branding making it a very trendy bag to bring to the court.

A great bag with plenty of economical storage space which is also easy and comfortable to carry to and from the tennis court.


Babolat Pure 6-Pack (Blue)

The Babolat Pure 6-Pack is an all-round great racket bag. It has a very professional look and feel to it and is an all-round great product.

There are two main compartments for storage and each can hold up to three rackets. One of the main storage areas has isothermal protection meaning that your strings will not lose any of their tension! This will mean you will be able to play your strongest game no-matter where you store your rackets.

There is also an outer pocket which is actually ventilated which is a great place to store your shoes and dirty gear after a solid tennis session. There are several more small side pockets which are well organised meaning you will definitely be able to store your valuables in an easy to access manner.

The bag comes with moldable and adjustable side-straps which makes carrying the rackets onto and off the court really easy.

All in all, a great, durable, professional-esque bag that is easy to carry and does everything you could ask for from a tennis bag.



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