Best Tennis Ball Machine | 2022 Guide & Reviews

Best Tennis Ball Machine

Whether you are a beginner or more advanced player, tennis ball machines are definitely worth the investment to help improve and solidify your game.

In this day and age with busy work-life schedules it can be hard to find a training partner willing to put in the hours required to perfect your footwork, recovery and shot-placement. This is where a quality tennis ball machine comes into play. All it takes is a couple cones, your trusty tennis racket, tennis shoes, a court and of course your machine to set up a solid practice session. As soon as you know it you’ll be scurrying around the court practicing all the drills your coach has you doing in lessons, fine-tuning and greatly improving your overall game. On top of this, if used correctly a tennis ball machine would also help provide a great work-out in the process, I can assure of that!

With a wide range of products available, it is vital to select the right machine for your needs and requirements. They come in many different sizes, shapes and capacities and this guide aims to help you walk through the whole process of selecting the tennis ball machine that works best for you. 

Whether you’re a more tech savvy person looking to precisely program your machine’s actions through an app, or someone who wants a simple, efficient product that does the job well, this guide will help you find what you’re looking for. We have analysed machines for their oscillation ability, battery life, capacity, feed-rate, size, positioning ball speed, ball spinning capacity etc … the list goes on and on. I can not stress how much of a nerd I feel like right now with the sheer amount of tennis-machine knowledge spinning around my head. Honestly folks, I have even heard them and watched videos of tennis ball machines being touted as exercise toys for dogs talk about getting your hard earned dollars to stretch further 😂.

On our research, we found the following to be some of the most important factors when looking for the correct machine for personal use:

Battery life

Simply the longer the machine lasts, the better.


How easy is the machine to carry around and correctly position on court?

How big is the machine for ease of storage?

This is definitely something to consider for those of us who will be keen to use the machine on a more regular basis as a more portable machine would save a tonne of time and effort greatly maximizing our time on court.


How easy is the machine to program and how easy is it to change the settings?

How many tennis balls can the machine hold?

What is the ball speed like?

The better a machine functions, the easier it is to use and the more time can be devoted to practice.

Difficulty level

Does the machine have an oscillator setting – creating a more random spread of tennis balls?

Can the machine add spin to the tennis ball?

Can the machine perform height and speed variation?

What is the time difference between feeding of tennis balls?

There are different types of tennis ball machines with different functions making them more of a challenge!  In this review we help show you the different machines and how they can provide different levels of difficulty through special programming.


Does the machine actually look good – no one wants to have an ugly box fire balls at them all day!


With this criteria in hand, we decided to proceed with the following review…

Spinshot-Player Tennis Ball Machine

The Spinshot-Player Tennis Ball Machine is one of the most (if not the most) advanced tennis machines on the market now!

The machine comes with a battery which can sustain play for around 2-3 hours allowing you to definitely get a solid practise session in. If you are a hard core player planning on using the machine for longer periods of time in one go (or too lazy to charge the machine after every use 😉), more batteries or power modules can be bought with ease and there is even a further option to connect it to the mains. 

The machine is 50 x 40 x 35 cm and its wheels and handle make it convenient to transport, store and position correctly on court. Definitely a positive for a machine of its quality making it one of the lightest (19kg)  and most portable machines in its bracket helping us maximise practise time on court.

The machine can hold up to a respectable 120 balls with a variable speed limit of 30kph – 110kph ensuring that both beginners and advanced players can use this machine to the best of your abilities. When changing the settings of the machine, there is honestly something for everyone. It is possible to remotely control the machine with an app using your iphone or android which is a very neat, time-efficient method for those of us who can’t seem to separate themselves from their devices! The app is even compatible with apple watch. The machine even comes equipped with its own watch which you can use to programme its settings or for those of us with a more “old-fashioned” approach to life you can manually change the settings on the body of the ball machine itself. 

In terms of difficulty, the machine already comes with 12 customisable, pre-programmed drills giving a variety of different shots and techniques to work on. You can change height, speed, direction and spin and there is both horizontal and vertical oscillation available to allow for variation. The high spin model is one for the more advanced tennis player providing even greater speed and spin for a greater challenge.

If there ever was a perfect all-round tennis ball machine this would be it; pure and simple.


Spinshot Lite Tennis Training Machine Basic Model (Best Model for Junior Player)

This incredible product, again produced by Spin Shot presents as a more beginner friendly machine and its simplicity and portability make it a great buy for junior tennis players.

The machine’s battery can support a solid 7 hours of play according to Spin Shot’s  website meaning you can get 3+ uses per charge. The special design of the machine by Spin Shot  means that you can upgrade your model to an AC power version if you wish to do so for greater efficiency as well.

In terms of portability, there really is no better tennis ball machine out there. Its dimensions are 40 x 25 x 25 cm and it comes equipped with a special handle and wheels meaning that it is very easy to move from court to car and back again. On top of that it only weighs 10kg meaning that younger players will be able to carry around this machine hassle free. Despite its lightweight, the power coated metal surface means that it is also durable and can resist being struck with tennis balls which is definitely an added bonus.

For functionality, this machine is very simple and safe to use. There are two dials on the machine. One controls speed of the ball and the second controls feed time, it is as easy as that! Also there is around 10 seconds to get to the other side of the court before the machine starts firing balls when you turn it on, just  in case you were worrying. There is also a reset and power button naturally. The maximum speed is 60 km per hour and the ball feed time can range from 2-10 seconds meaning that this machine can present a good challenge for beginners and younger players looking to work on their game. The ball holder holds 40 balls which is very respectable when looking at its size and weight in comparison.

In terms of difficulty, we would say that this machine is perfect for children and beginners alike to help work on their game and consolidate what they are learning at the time.


Wilson Portable Tennis Machine – from The #1 Name in Tennis – Wilson Sports

The Wilson Portable Tennis Machine is a quality product as expected from a quality tennis manufacturing brand.

In terms of battery life, this machine has a built-in battery which gives you around 4 hours of playing time per charge, meaning you are definitely going to get a good work-out going every training session. The machine comes with a “Smart Battery Charger” meaning that the machine will shut off as soon as it is fully charged, letting you leave the machine plugged in to charge for a long time with peace of mind.

For portability the machine weighs approximately 17 kg, not too bad for something of its quality. The product itself is around 56 x 36 x 51 cm meaning that it can hold up to 110 tennis balls ensuring you can comfortably have a long practice session without the need to continuously fill up the machine. The ball hopper, used to increase the amount of balls the machine can hold, is able to fold down to minimize space when not in use and the tennis ball machine has a handle and wheels for ease of transport – definitely a welcome addition.

In terms of functionality, the machine has a simple and easy to use panel to help you control power, elevation, oscillation, spin, ball interval time and ball speed as to each of your preferences.

In terms of difficulty, it is possible to change the ball interval time from one ball every 1.5 seconds to one ball every 10 seconds. There is also a random oscillator setting available, meaning you have the option of getting the machine to randomly fire tennis balls across the court, allowing you to hit shots on the run. The maximum ball speed is 75MPH for the more advanced tennis players among us, though if you are looking for a more relaxed game it is possible to slow down the speed.

All in all, a reliable product which can be used for beginners on easier settings as well as players looking for a more challenging option too! With a machine produced by Wilson, you know you are getting a safe product.


Tennis Tutor Prolite

The Tennis Tutor Prolite is a reliable, light-weight machine with variable features making it an ideal easy to use machine for intermediate and beginner players alike.

The battery life is decent with a built in rechargeable battery lasting approximately 3 hours per charge and comes with a “Smart Battery Charger” which means that if you leave this machine to charge overnight, it will shut off automatically to prevent overheating.

The Tennis Tutor Prolite is only 30 cm high and weighs less than 14 kg making it more than manageable to carry on court and take it back home to charge.

Functioning wise, this machine has a control panel with simple knob controls for ball speed and feed times. The machine can hold up to 125 balls meaning you have plenty of balls to practice with in one go. There is also a time delay of the firing of the first ball to help you have enough time to get back to your correct position on court before the exercise begins.

In terms of difficulty level, the ball speeds range from 10-60mph meaning that there is a good range for all types of player. There is also a random oscillator function allowing a random delivery of balls to help you work on your reaction time, footwork and shot timing. The machine itself can shoot different variations of shots, from ground strokes to lobs.

A solid machine for an intermediate/beginner player looking for quality practice time on their overall footwork, timing and form.


Match Mate Rookie by Match Mate Tennis Ball Machine

A tennis ball machine which does what it says on the box. It is best for “rookies”, beginners and children and people looking for a product which is safe to use.

The rechargeable battery gives you around 4-5 hours of game time which is more than enough for 2 or more practice sessions per charge.

The Rookie is a very light machine and is on the small scale  which makes it easier to carry around. The aluminium outer coating and urethane wheel not only provide sturdy protection, but also keep the machine as light as possible meaning that it only weighs around 10 kg! There is a handle which makes it more user-friendly to carry for ease of transport.

In terms of how the machine works, the top speed is a solid 30 mph reaching a distance of under 50ft which is pretty decent. There is also a 10 second delay until the first ball is fired on resetting the machine which means that none of your tennis balls will go to waste. The controls are very easy and simple to use with a panel on the back enabling you to change feed time and speed of ball. The machine comes with a smart charger too which prevents overcharging of the battery.

In terms of difficulty, this tennis ball machine is perfect for beginners and players looking for a more relaxed speed of tennis ball. The maximum speed is 20mph which is great for people just learning the basics of the sport helping them work on their general movements and timing of the ball. 

To summarize, a good machine for the more relaxed and beginner tennis player!


Quickstart Tennis Ball Machine

Another tennis machine aimed at providing beginners and children with a great service – here the motto is definitely safety first.

The box is 32 x 32 x 71 cm weighing under 14 kg, making it possible to move it around wherever you would like to and presenting itself as a good buying option.

This machine is guaranteed to throw all three beginner stages of tennis ball and adult ones effectively making it a great purchase for those just starting out or progressing through the ranks. The top speed is 30 mph making it safe for all users to use.

The machine itself is constructed out of high grade aluminium making it durable and adds to its security as a machine for tennis players of all ages.

A good buy for newbies and a parent looking to safe-guard their child!


Sports Tutor Tennis Twist – Beginner Tennis Machine – Battery Powered

This trendy looking tennis machine is specially designed for beginner tennis players and for ease or operation and transport. A decent purchase for someone looking to start off their early tennis career!

The machine is solely battery operated using 6 size D batteries. Some decent rechargeable ones would definitely be a great purchase alongside this tennis ball dispenser. The system would last for up to 6-10 hours depending on the amount you use it and the type of battery you install.

The Sports Tutor Tennis Twist is very compact and lightweight. It weighs only 5 kg and can easily be transported anywhere, be it a tennis court, back garden, driveway or basement. The plastic case even comes with an in-built handle to make it easier to carry.

In terms of ease of use it is perhaps the most simple to use machine out there. Turn it on and every 5 seconds a ball will fire. The special spiral design means that the Tennis Twist can hold up to 28 balls at a time which is an ideal amount for a beginner or child.

In terms of difficulty, this is ideal for those who are very young or just starting to pick up the sport. You can change the arc of the ball from 12-20 feet in length to increase the depth and difficulty of the ball if need be.

A good machine for those who are very new to the support and a good machine for a very junior player looking to get some extra practise in!



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