Best Tennis Balls | 2022 Guide and Reviews

Best Tennis Balls | 2020 Guide and Reviews

A review about tennis balls … hmmm, where do we start? Whether you are a beginner, intermediate or advanced player, in the same way there is a correct tennis racket for you, there is also a correct tennis ball for you to use – one that is tailored to your needs. This buyers guide will aim to walk you through the questions you have when selecting quality tennis balls and help find the right tennis balls for you!


There are different tennis balls, with different grades specifically designed to help junior players develop a love for the game! The higher the stage of tennis ball the lighter it is, making it easier to help young players develop their strokes and enjoy playing, and the safer the ball is to use.

Stage 3 balls are the lightest and most easy to use. Generally reserved for absolute beginners and young children  these balls are lighter and easier to use and are great for games of mini-tennis. They have a characteristic red patch making them easy to recognize.

Stage 2 balls are for more intermediate players or older children. They are softer and safer than the “normal” tennis ball used and are great for ¾ length courts. They have a noticeable orange patch making them easy to recognize.

Stage 1 balls are your typical tennis balls. They are especially designed for a full-length tennis court and for use of adults and stronger children tennis players.


There are three main types of tennis court people play on – clay, grass and carpet. Clay courts are tough and gritty meaning you’ll need the right tennis ball to compliment! The bumpy surface also means that the balls often do not bounce as expected. We therefore recommend buying the best quality and most durable balls available to make ensure you have a great time on court! 

Also, quick tip, tennis balls with less felt tend to pick up and hold less dirt making them ideal for use on clay courts.

Skill Level/Use

Different tennis balls serve different purposes and are needed for different skill levels. Tennis balls used for practice do not need the same qualities as tennis balls used and games for instance…  they also do not need to be as expensive 😂 … meaning you definitely will will be able to fill up your trusty tennis ball hopper to its maximum capacity. Whether your having a casual knock-around or a more serious tournament-like game, there is a tennis ball made for that specific purpose.

High Altitude/Regular Duty/Extra Duty

Often you will see tennis balls labelled with the above.

High altitude tennis balls are great for specific areas which might make regular tennis balls un-usable.

Regular duty tennis balls .. are well… used for regular tennis games. Great for a casual knock-about or a slightly more serious game.

Extra duty tennis balls are made to last. They are more durable and will serve you well through longer, more intense games.

Pressurized vs non-pressurized Tennis Balls

Pressurized Tennis Balls have compressed air inside them. They are what you would think a “normal” tennis ball would feel like. They are also sealed inside their canisters pre-use which is pretty cool, however they do lose their “bounce” after a while once they start to lose pressure.

Non-pressurized tennis balls have a rubber core as opposed to air. This means that they last wayyy longer than non-pressurized tennis balls. However, to put it simply they are less reliable. They have a lower bounce, which oddly increases after playing time and are not really match-quality tennis balls. However, they are great for practice, and area a great tool to load up into a trusty tennis ball machine. They are great for drills and players just looking for a ball to warm up with and improve your overall game.


Many players treat tennis balls the same way they would their racket of shoes, they are ultimately loyal to a single brand. Whether one of their idols endorses the brand or they like the particular way a tennis ball feels to play with, it is common to see players basing their choice on brand-loyalty.

Without further ado, with the above in mind, we begin our reviews!


Penn Championship Tennis Balls – Extra Duty Felt Pressurized Tennis Balls

One the best selling tennis balls in America right now and it’s easy to feel why.

Penn Championship is a long-time serving brand of tennis ball with 100 years worth of testing and improving their tennis ball, and it really shows. This is the chosen official ball of USTA Leagues and therefore you know your buying a quality product – if its good enough for the League, it’s definitely good enough to play more serious games with especially for your more intermediate or advanced players.

The ball is also extra duty meaning that it is a ball built to last and you are definitely getting your money’s worth with this brand and style of tennis ball. It is also great for use on hard courts, being durable enough to withstand the rough surfaces. The tennis balls also perform to a great level on softer indoor courts and clay ones as well making it a great ball for all-round usage.

The tennis ball itself is made of natural rubber making it durable and making sure the bounce and shot placement of the ball is consistent in every rally.

A very consistent, reliable, all-purpose tennis ball.


Wilson Prime All Court Tennis Balls

A very reliable tennis brand producing a very reliable tennis ball which does what it says on the box – is a great tennis ball for all courts.

Wilson is the official brand of the US Open, the Australian Open Grand Slam Championships and the NCAA tennis (both womens and mens) so you know they are going to produce a reliable product. The United States Tennis Association approved ball has a great long-lasting, performance making it great for both serious matches and training.

The ball itself has a special Dureweave felt that is great for all types of surface, be it hard-court, clay, grass or carpet. The felt also means that it is more durable than your average tennis ball – a great bonus.

A quality, all-purpose, reliable tennis ball for all types of tennis player. With Wilson, your almost guaranteed results.


US Open 3 Ball Can

The Wilson US Open tennis ball is the official ball of the USA open – it is a tennis ball which guarantees consistency, simple as.

The tennis ball comes in three different styles:

  1. Extra duty – A longer lasting ball great for more durability on harder, more abrasive surfaces. A sturdy premium tennis ball that will not let you down.
  2. High Altitude – A tennis ball built to last at all heights above sea level. An all-purpose tennis ball with a specially designed purpose.
  3. Regular Duty – A great all-round-ball that performs well on clay and indoor surfaces as well. This is a reliable tennis ball that you will definitely enjoy playing with.

This tennis ball is approved by the US tennis association and the International Tennis Federation for use of play. This means you know you’re buying a quality tennis ball.

A solid tennis ball that is very consistent across all categories with the added bonus of picking a particular style that is best suited to all your needs!


Tourna Mesh Carry Bag of 18 Tennis Balls

The Tourna pressureless tennis balls are perfect for players looking for a long-lasting ball which are great for practice, or beginners looking for very durable balls to get more accustomed to the game.

These are pressureless tennis balls, which in simple terms means they last way longer than your normal tennis ball. They never go dead and keep their bounce long after you have bought them. This makes Tourna tennis balls great for players looking for reliable balls to drill with, practice their footwork and their shot placement. They are also compatible with filling-up-baskets, tennis ball machines and hoppers making them great for efficient use. 

They even work with automatic dog-ball launcher machines meaning that even your dog can enjoy hours of fun with these tennis balls.

The extra durable felt of the ball means that this tennis ball is definitely going to last a long time too, great for people who play a lot.

This ball is also specially designed to be the same size as and bounce at the same height as regular tennis balls which means that this is definitely one of the best pressureless tennis balls on the market now.

A reliable, durable pressureless tennis ball which is great for practice and for beginners looking for a more long-lasting tennis ball to come to grips with the game.


Gamma Bag of Pressureless Tennis Balls – 12 or 18 Count, 4 Colors Available, Sturdy & Reusable Mesh Bag with Drawstring for Easy Transport – Bag-O-Balls for All Court Types, Premium Performance

The Bag-O-Balls is another brand of pressureless tennis balls great for practice and beginners looking for a more long-lasting tennis ball to play with.

The balls come with a mesh bag capable of holding up to 18 balls, making them easy and convenient to carry to training sessions and back. Being pressureless, they also will keep their bounce a long time after use, offering endless fun!

This brand of tennis ball is also very popular with tennis coaches and keen tennis players. Being great to use with ball machines this tennis ball is ideal for players looking to help work on and develop their stroke and footwork. They are very durable meaning that they definitely are definitely a worthwhile investment for players looking to get their money’s worth!

The tennis balls are also consistent on all types of courts allowing you to enjoy your game no matter if you’re playing on clay, grass or carpet.

All-in-all a solid, reliable tennis ball which is perfect for players or coaches looking for a longer-lasting tennis ball to practice with or a beginner looking for a more durable tennis ball to sustain them for a long time. A solid bet.


Penn Pressureless Tennis Balls – Non-Pressurized Training / Practice Tennis Balls

This is another great brand of pressureless tennis balls designed to be cost-effective and efficient for practice!

The tennis balls are pressureless meaning that they will definitely last longer than regular tennis balls making them great for practise or the more casual tennis player! The core itself is made from rubber which makes it super durable.

When you order Penn pressureless tennis balls, you know you are buying from a reliable brand. There is also the option of bulk-buying 48 balls which come with a reusable and easy to transport bucket meaning you will easily be able to transport the balls on and off court making your practice sessions really efficient. The balls are also ideal to use with tennis ball machines making them even better for practice sessions.

The felt is also very durable making the balls ideal for all courts and long-lasting meaning you are definitely getting your money’s worth. 

To summarize, a great ball to use for a practice session with a couple mates, coach or tennis ball machine or someone looking to buy a more long-lasting tennis ball which can do a good job.


Wilson US Open Starter Balls Pack of 3

This is a great tennis ball for junior players who are beginning to fall in love with the game. Coming with both red and orange top styles of tennis ball there is a ball for all ages of junior tennis ball.

Red Top

This is a larger ball with lower compression making it easier and more fun for junior players to play with! We highly recommend this for players in the 5-8 age range and absolute beginners coming to grips with the game. The balls are also 75% slower than regular tennis balls meaning your kids will have more time to watch, focus and hit it making them really hone their tennis skill and have a blast in the process.

Orange Top

This is another larger, low compression tennis ball which we highly recommend for young tennis players in the 9-10 age range. These balls are 50 % slower making them slightly more of a challenge than the red top ones. However they are slow enough and easy enough to play with to ensure young tennis players will have a great time using them!

A great brand of ball for junior players looking to get stuck in!



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