Best Tennis Rackets for Advanced Players | 2022 Guide and Reviews

Best Tennis Rackets for Advanced Players | 2020 Guide and Reviews

If you have been playing tennis for a considerable amount of time and are finding your current equipment too limiting, it is probably time to think about investing in some tennis rackets for advanced players. However, these premium tennis rackets are considerably more expensive than more basic models, even if they offer enhanced functionality. That being said, an advanced tennis racket can significantly improve your performance on the court, so it makes sense to invest in an upgrade if you think you are ready to climb the ladder. Read on for some pointers to bear in mind when selecting a suitable tennis racket for advanced players.

Is it the Right Time to Upgrade to an Advanced Racket?

Before you think about ordering a top-tier tennis racket, take some time to assess whether or not you qualify as an advanced player. Regardless of skill level, an advanced player should be regularly playing tennis in a variety of settings. Someone who qualifies as an advanced player will have also mastered their serve. If you genuinely are an advanced player, you should be able to serve with both power and spin.

A typical advanced player will have demonstrate more strength than those of an intermediate playing level. They will also have superior levels of stamina and better levels of control. If you genuinely are an advanced player, you can think about selecting rackets with heavier frames, as well as smaller overall head sizes. However, an advanced player shouldn’t automatically reach for heavier and smaller rackets. Instead, you should pick a racket that is matched to your individual style of play. The little details can be tailored at a later point to ensure you are optimizing your performance effectively.

Advanced Racket Options

More experienced players with the money to spare should definitely look to invest in a premium racket. When it comes to the premium end of the market, there are four main varieties of racket to choose from. These are the power racket, the control racket, the modern player’s racket and the tweener racket.

A power racket is instantly identifiable thanks to its large head. Power rackets are also relatively lightweight when compared to other racket varieties. Generally speaking, power rackets rarely weigh more than 270 grams. This type of racket is relatively stiff, allowing you to impart more energy onto the ball. The stiff design also means that the player can keep their balance closer to the racket head, which is crucial for ensuring a higher swing. If your swings are relatively slow and compact, a power racket is a good option. Tennis players with a smaller stature will also benefit from this type of racket as they can seriously improve overall power output.

Control rackets tend to the preferred option of more experienced players who are prepared to sacrifice power for control. These racket have relatively small heads and a heavier bulk than other types of racket. They also requite the player to have a high level of precision in order to ensure the ball makes consistent contact with the sweet spot. The heavier frames mean these rackets deliver enhanced stability and good levels of flexibility. This does impact the overall power output of the racket, but allows you to ensure desirable ball placement more consistently.

If you are still undecided between a control racket and a power racket, a tweener is a good compromise until you have made your decision. All of the key specs of this racket type fall somewhere between what you can expect from a control and power racket. These rackets are fairly lightweight, but heavier than a power racket. Most tweener rackets rarely weigh more than 325 grams. Head size also falls somewhere between a control racket and power racket, rarely exceeding 105 inches. Although tweeners are usually the choice of players looking to upgrade to an intermediate racket, the best models on the market can still prove a worthwhile investment for more experienced players not quite ready to spend a considerable amount on an advanced racket.

If money is no object, a modern player’s racket is a must. This superior racket type is the perfect fit for advanced players looking to play at a more professional level. These premium rackets are designed to accommodate more aggressive playing styles, so are a good way to go if you consistently hit the ball with great force. They are also well suited to those who incorporate topspin into their game. Modern player’s rackets are relatively heavy and have a larger than average head size. They also have stiffer frames that allow you to impart more power on the ball and encourage the best topspin results.

String Selection

Beginners and intermediate players do not really to think too much about string types when selecting rackets. However, the more experienced you get and the more advanced your playing style, the greater the importance of string types. There are two main varieties of string to choose from and the more experienced you are, the more likely you are to notice the difference characteristics of each string.

Natural gut strings are one such variety. Unsurprisingly, these strings are made from cattle intestines. These strings deliver exceptional feel and comfort, while also delivering more power. The downside of natural gut strings is that they are particularly expensive. However, the advanced player will definitely benefit from them so the additional cost is more than justified.

If you would prefer something more affordable, you have synthetic strings to consider. In most cases, synthetic strings are made from nylon. However, you will also find polyester strings readily available. Although you will have to search far and wide for a synthetic string that performs as well as natural gut, you will find many high-grade materials that hold up well to the natural alternative. Kevlar strings are particularly effective and yield similar results when it comes to performance.

In Summary

An advanced tennis racket comes with a high price tag. Even the most basic of advanced rackets can cost three or more times the cost of a beginner racket. Therefore, you need to think seriously about your individual requirements before you commit to a purchase. The best approach is to consider the basic style of racket that best fits your playing style. You should also look for a racket that allows for some degree of customization down the line. While the costs of customizing your racket can quickly stack up, it is worth it to get your hand on a racket that is perfectly optimally adapted to your style of play.

A great asset to add to your advanced tennis racket, for players looking to develop their game to the next level is a decent tennis sensor. One of these bad boys will help you compare your shot stats to similar players and help you develop your skills that bit further!

Wilson Pro Staff Team Tennis Racket

The Wilson Pro Staff Team Tennis Racket is a quality racket for a more advanced player which is great for attacking play!

The racket itself is head-light. This is perfect for players who like a more enhanced feeling in their swing and light to be able to move their racket with lightning-fast speed.

The racket frame is also lightweight and it provides great control and stability to your shots – it is a real joy to play with! The racket head is also medium-sized – it is 100 sq inches. This makes it more tailored to advanced and more serious tennis players as you will be able to perfectly time your shots with great control and precision with drop shots or softer returns.

The racket weighs 280g without strings making it super light really easy to use.

All in all the Wilson Pro Staff Team racket is a solid bet for an advanced player looking for an attacking head-light racket to up their game!


Wilson Blade Team Tennis Racket

The Wilson Blade Team Tennis Racket – with Wilson you are guaranteed quality!

This is another great sleek, head-light racket produced by Wilson that is a really playable racket. This racket comes with a thinner beam in comparison to other similar grade rackets. This greatly enhances dwell time and helps you control your shots when in intense rallies.

The racket itself comes with a Matte finish and patterning giving it a very sleek and stylish look. It also conveniently comes pre-strung with Wilson sensation 16L/1.25 strings which are arm-friendly and built for comfort.

The racket head-size is 99 square inches and as such is built for a more advanced player allowing for plenty of control and maneuverability. The length is a standard 27 inches and the strung weight of the racket is a decent 10.4 oz making it heavy enough to hit through the ball cleanly.

A good tennis racket for an advanced player looking for a head-light racket to play great tennis with!


Babolat Pure Aero 2022 Tennis Racquet

The Babolat Pure Aero is a class tennis racket endorsed by none other than tennis legend Rafael Nadal. A cool, solid and sturdy tennis racket that will have you dominating the tennis court.

The point of sale about this racket is the Aeoromodular beam construction which means that your racket speed is greatly due to the reduced wind drag. This is great for providing that extra edge in hard-fought games providing that extra speed and whip required to push you over the edge. 

The racket also uses Babolat’s Cortex Pure Feel which makes the racket really arm friendly and helps provide a great feel!

The racket itself is around 11 ounces when strung helping provide a strong and sturdy feel to it. It is light enough to be very maneuverable yet heavy enough to produce some serious power!

It is also 27 inches in length making it standard sized and the strings are featured in a 16×19 string pattern for reference.

A great stylish yellow and black tennis racket inspired by the legendary Rafael Nadal, a great racket for any advanced player looking to develop their g


Wilson Pro Staff RF97 Tennis Frame Unstrung, Without Cover

What can I say, if the Aero Drive was inspired by Nadal, the Wilson Pro Staff racket is inspired by Roger Federer.

The racket’s sleek and stylish black design incorporates a carbon fiber, matte paint scheme with Braded Graphite. There is not a more stylish looking racket out there – trust me. The braided graphite is added in addition to help with excess unwanted vibrations, talk about attention to detail!

The racket itself is 9 points head light, meaning you definitely will be able to feel it. The head light racket is great for player who like to play with a more maneuverable and fast paced racket. This also accommodates for the rackets weight…

It has a “tour weight” feel to it weighing 12.6 ounces . This is great for advanced players who are looking for a more heavy-duty kind of racket which will help them add some serious power to their shots. This racket is no joke!

For reference the head size is also 97 sq inches which is great for an advanced player looking for perfect control in all their shots.

All in all, a great advanced racket built for players who love the game.


Head Micro Gel Radical OS Tennis Racquet (Strung)

A more light-weight tennis racket great for an intermediate player stepping up to a more advanced level.

The racket head is slightly larger than most advanced racket heads – it is 107 square inches. This is useful because it means that the sweet spot is that ever bit bigger meaning it is much more easy to hit those perfectly timed shots to perfection.

The racket weighs 10.4 oz unstrung making it ideal for players who prefer a more lighter feel to their tennis rackets yet one that is still sturdy enough to hit through the ball with.

The specially designed Head Micro Gel helps provide that unique touch when hitting the ball as well as a really solid firm feel through distributing the impact load across the whole frame. When you play with this racket you can clearly feel that a lot of thought and science has gone into developing this product.

For reference the racket is standard length at 27 inches so it means little adjustment would be required to shift over from your old one to the new.

A great lighter racket for players who like a more control based game.


Babolat 2018 Pure Drive Tennis Racquet – Quality String

The Babolat 2018 Pure Drive tennis racket is another great for advanced players!

The racket itself weighs 11.2 ounces strung, light yet firm. The racket head is 100 square inches making it more suited to an advanced or serious player looking for that additional control and balance in a racket.

The racket itself comes with a new SMAC or soft shock absorbing material technology inbuilt into the fiber really helping reduce those pesky vibrations! The FSI string technology string bed technology along with the diamond grommets really accentuate the power you can generate with the racket and it already comes equipped with quality Babolat strings meaning you definitely will be able to generate great spin and power with this racket straight away on arrival.

For reference, the racket is 4 points head light making it maneuverable yet still with a strong feel and the strings come in a 16 x 19 pattern.

A solid bet for an advanced player!


Babolat-2018 Pure Drive 26 Junior Tennis Racquet

The junior version of the Babolat 2018 pure drive, this racket is a great gift for an aspiring young player advancing through their tennis career!

The head size is 100 square inches, the same as the senior one providing all of the same benefits. However the racket is simply one inch smaller than the adult version being 26 inches. This makes it more light and compact whilst keeping the same benefits of the adult racket. The strung weight of the racket is 8.8 oz making it very usable for junior players and they will definitely be able to generate enough power and racket speed with this beauty.

The special FSI Power racket technologies mean that the racket has wider string spacing. You would then definitely be able to generate tonnes of spin and power with this racket really enjoying your game! The EVO BEam is also tailor made to have the perfect thickness for less torque on impact with the ball making the racket itself really responsive.

This is a great tennis racket that young tennis gunners really will enjoy playing with. It has all the benefits of an adults advanced racket tailor made for junior players!



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