Best Tennis Socks | 2022 Guide and Reviews

Best Tennis Socks | 2020 Guide and Reviews

It is very easy to overlook just how important a good pair of tennis socks can to your game, but they are an essential accessory that dramatically affect your performance. The right pair of tennis socks can have a huge impact on your comfort levels during a game, while also driving your performance in the right direction to ensure you are consistently winning on the court.

Main Types of Tennis Socks

There are several key varieties of tennis socks, with each type identified by their overall height and material thickness. The thicker the sock, the more durable it will be and the more comfortable wearing experience you can expect. Socks that are sufficiently thick will also provide you with a good degree of cushioning to protect your ankles from injury. These socks are further enhanced by padding around the ankle collar. This is particularly handy at protecting your ankles from injury when they come into contact with your footwear. If you prefer a lighter feel, thinner socks are the way to go. They are generally more comfortable and perform better when it comes to breathability. The downside is that they offer less protection than thicker alternatives.

Because of their sleeker design, thinner socks are a much more comfortable option. They are also very breathable and dry more quickly than other varieties. If you regularly play tennis in warmer climes, thin socks are a good option as they prevent sweat from building up in any significant amount. If you sweat excessively, thin socks are a good choice. Not only can you look forward to improved levels of wearing comfort, you also do not have to worry as much about skin irritation.

Socks with a medium thickness are a good compromise between thin socks and thicker alternatives. Slightly thicker than thinner varieties, medium socks provide you with good levels of wearing comfort and breathability, with the added benefit of basic cushioning. The heavier material means they offer improved insulation compared to thin socks, making them a much more versatile option for wear in all weathers. They can also be worn underneath most court shoes.

Thick socks offer considerable benefits when compared to thin socks. The heavier material of thick socks means you can expect significant impact protection compared to thin varieties, while the thicker material also makes them much more effective when it comes to insulation. The downside of these bulkier socks is that they perform poorly when it comes to breathability. If you sweat a lot or find heavier materials uncomfortable, they might not be a good fit for your requirements.

Different Sock Heights

Tennis socks come in a wide variety of heights, providing you with considerable choice when it comes to aesthetics. The most low-profile socks come in a so-called ‘no-show’ design. They are sometimes referred to as trainer socks. These types of tennis sock are designed to cover the majority of your foot, without showing above the shoe itself. If you are someone who prefers minimalism when it comes to sock design, no-show socks might be for you. However, it is worth remembering these socks offer next to no cushioning for your ankle.

If you like the idea of no-show socks but want a little more protection, tab socks are a good solution. Tab socks look very similar to no-show socks, but incorporate a fabric tab at the back of the heel. This tab prevents the sock from slipping too deeply into the shoe, preventing your footwear from coming into contact with the exposed skin of the heel and tendon area. The tab also makes adjusting these socks incredibly simple, even when your shoes are on.

Need a little more cushioned comfort and protection? Low-cut socks might be perfect for you. Unlike conventional socks that ride too highly up the leg, most low-cut socks never stray above the ankle. These are a good choice for those who want ample cushioning for impact protection and a good degree of wearing comfort, but do not want too much material encasing the lower leg. A slight variation of these style of sock is the so-called quarter sock. These socks are almost identical to low-cut socks, but provide complete coverage of the ankle. They are particularly handy for those players who suffer from blisters and other ailments caused by skin and footwear coming into contact with each other.

Those with a more traditional sense of style might be drawn to crew socks. Crew socks offer considerably more coverage and protection compared to other options we have talked about. Many crew socks will reach as high as eight inches above the ankle line of your tennis footwear. Many tennis players tend to appreciate low-cut styles, but you crew socks are also incredibly popular. If you plan on playing in colder weather, crew socks offer essential insulation. Crew socks are also worth considering if you are looking for enhanced levels of support for your calves. Many people also appreciate the comfort of higher cut socks.

While you will struggle to find many tennis socks higher than a classic crew style, knee-high alternatives can still be found if you spend enough time browsing the market. The higher cut of these socks is not an aesthetic choice, however. Instead, knee-high socks and those with a higher cut are usually designed with compression fits in mind. Many compression socks cap just below the knee, providing you with incredible levels of support. They are also a good option if you are looking to improve your circulation while playing tennis.

Material Composition & Durable Design

This is something you should never overlook when selecting a suitable pair of tennis socks. Not only will quality materials improve the overall fit and comfort of your socks, they will also ensure your socks will last for longer. Socks made from thinner material might be suitable for those looking for low-profile wearing comfort, but they can wear out incredibly quickly. If you only wear thin socks, you will undoubtedly have to replace them on a regular basis. Premium cotton or high-grade synthetic blends are always preferable when shopping for tennis socks. These will ensure maximum longevity and the best value for money.

In Summary

Selecting the best tennis socks is relatively straightforward. Once you have decided on a suitable style and thickness that works for you, all you really need to consider is material specifics and levels of protection offered. Never look to cut corners when it comes to stocking up on tennis socks. Spending a little more on the basics will save you a small fortune in the long run.

Under Armour unisex-adult Charged Cotton 2.0 Crew Socks, 6-Pairs

The Under Armour uni-sex adult Charged Cotton 2.0 Socks are a great sports socks that which will serve you really well throughout your tennis career. They come in two models, a no-show one and a regular one.

The socks are made from 76% cotton, are reinforced with 22% polyester and 2% spandex to add that extra stretch to the socks for comfort.

The socks are very durable and long-lasting. You can machine wash them and they will not lose any of their stretchiness, comfort or effectiveness that is guaranteed with all Under Armour clothes.

The socks come with a special dynamic arch support which provides additional comfort  and helps alleviate foot fatigue and pains, helping you carry on playing tennis with the utmost comfort.

The fabric also has specially placed cushions which help make a more flexible sock which is less bulky and more light-weight and comfortable.

The material is great because it wicks sweat and dries at a very fast rate and the ant-odor technology helps make sure they don’t stink up your tennis bag when you have finished playing.

All-in-all, a great pair of comfortable sports socks that are as sweat-resistant as possible.


Under Armour Resistor 3.0 No Show Socks, 6-Pairs

The Under Armour Resistor 3.0 socks are very similar to the cotton 2.0 socks, however these are made from 98% polyester and 2% spandex making them super durable.

The socks, like the 2.0 model, come with a special dynamic arch support which provides additional comfort and helps alleviate foot fatigue and pains, helping you carry on playing tennis with the utmost comfort.

The half cushion construction provides that additional support that all good sports socks come with. The socks have a true seamless toe which is great for reducing potential itchiness and irritation some sports socks cause as their seams wear down.

The specially designed anti-odor technology and the special material that wicks sweat and dries fast makes these socks as sweat-resistant as possible helping you enjoy your tennis to the fullest.

A great, more durable sports sock that is definitely going to last you throughout your tennis career.


CelerSport Ankle Athletic Running Socks Low Cut Sports Tab Socks for Men and Women (6 Pairs)

A quality brand of ankle sports socks that are great for tennis, These low-cut socks are super comfortable and come with all the best footwear technology you could ask for in a tennis sock.

The socks are made from 88.3% high quality combed cotton for comfort, 10.7% polyester for durability and 1% spandex for that additional flexibility. The socks are also designed to be air-permeable with a mesh ventilation system helping your feet “breathe” as you pick up a sweat on the tennis court.

The moisture wicking quality inbuilt to the fabric will keep your feet dry and sweatles helping you enjoy your tennis game to the fullest!

The extra thick padding of the socks helps cushion your feet as you run to chase tennis balls reducing your risk of injury and making your experience more comfortable!

The CelerSport ankle socks come with an amazing compression system  in the arch to offer even more protection as you run.

To summarize, a great all round tennis sock that is comfortable and effective.


Champion Men’s 6 Pack No Show Socks

A stylish and super comfortable model of sports ankle socks that will be the envy of everyone else on the tennis court!

The Champion Men’s socks are 74% cotton for comfort and softness; 21% polyester for durability; and 3% natural latex rubber, 1% nylon and 1% spandex for that extra stretch which comes with all great sports socks.

The socks are machine washable and will not lose their stretch or durability. The socks are also cushioned helping absorb the impact of your foot hitting the ground as you run around the tennis court. 

The special Double Dry technology wicks sweat and controls moisture levels as they build up when you work up a sweat on court, helping your feet stay dryer and cooler for maximum comfort. The soft cotton-rich yarns are not only comfortable, but breathable, adding to the overall quality of the sock.

There are multiple sizes available with sizes for people with extended feet and there is also arch support for a more secure and stable feeling,

The Champion’s men’s sock are a sleek sports and tennis model of sock that are very comfortable to wear.


Saucony Men’s Multi-pack Mesh Ventilating Comfort Fit Performance No-show Socks

Saucony men’s socks are a comfortable model of ankle socks that will perform greatly on the tennis court.

They are made from 98% polyester and 2% spandex and are designed to maximise sports efficiency.

The socks are machine washable and will not lose any of their comfort and effectiveness in the process. The specially designed Airmesh ventilation helps ensure maximum airflow possible to your feel keeping them aired and dry as you battle it out on the tennis court.

The soles of the sock come with light cushioning to help prevent strong impact with the ground as you run around the tennis court, helping prevent injury and maximizing comfort as you progress your game.

The special Run Moisture Management system comes with Ultra Wicking Fibers helping your feet stay as fresh as physically possible.

There is also special arch compression with the perfect amount compression to help keep your arch secure and stable helping you focus on your tennis game.

The Saucony Men’s socks are a solid model of sports sock that are super effective at what they do.


Gold Toe Men’s 656p Cotton Quarter Athletic Socks Multipairs

The Gold Toe men’s Cotton Quarter Athletic socks are a super sleek and smart design of sports socks which are also comfortable to use.

The socks are fully cushioned meaning you will be able to progress and play your game with the utmost comfort.

They are also made from a breathable fabric helping you ensure your feet are cool and dry as you run around the court!

The socks themselves are a really good level of thickness that also serves to provide additional comfort as well.

These socks are great for people who have slightly wider and larger feet than average as they provide a better fit than some of the branded socks.

The socks themselves come in a black and gold tipped design or a white and gold tipped design so there is a style that will work for you. You can also buy a mixture of the two if you fancy to add some variety to your wardrobe.

A great, stylish sports sock which is also comfortable to use.


adidas Men’s Athletic Cushioned Crew Socks (6-Pair)

With Adidas socks, you know you are getting a reliable product and the renowned brand does not disappoint.

The socks are 97% polyester and 3% spandex for that additional stretch and comfort feel. You can machine wash the socks safely and even tumble dry them on a low setting. 

The socks come with a solid degree of cushioning to help with comfort and protecting your feet. The special moisture-wicking yarns help keep your feet dry, cool and safe from sweat helping you relax and enjoy your tennis game.

Like all good sports socks, the Adidas men’s athletic cushioned crew socks come with arch compression which is great for a secure fit.These socks, however, come with a special Climalite fabric which is pretty cool because it sweeps sweat away from your skin making the socks that extra bit comfortable.

A great pair of sports socks that come in a white, black and grey design. With Addidas men’s athletic cushioned crew socks you are buying brand quality tennis socks.



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