Best Women’s Tennis Racket | 2022 Guide and Reviews

Best Women's Tennis Racket | 2020 Guide and Reviews

Selecting a suitable women’s tennis racket is a daunting prospect for beginners. With so much choice on the market, it can nigh on impossible to make a good buying decision. Women often find the decision process more taxing, with more and more rackets being released to the market that are designed with female players in mind. Looking for a ladies racket to help improve your performance on the court? Our guide lays out everything you need to be thinking about when browsing the market for the best women’s tennis racket.

Men’s Rackets vs. Women’s Rackets

Before we break down the specifics of what to look for when shopping for a ladies tennis racket, it makes sense to consider the key differences between men’s and women’s rackets. The reality is that the differences between the two is slight. In fact, most options on the market are unisex designs. However, female players will benefit from certain characteristics.

A racket with a lighter frame is often the preferred option of female players. Generally speaking, women tend to have less muscle mass and upper body strength than men, so a lighter racket is easy to pick up and serve with. This will not apply to every female tennis player, however. If you have considerable strength in your arms, do not discount a heavier frame. Women also tend to have a smaller hand spread then men. If this applies to you, look for rackets with a smaller grip size than the standard. This will ensure you maintain good levels of control when you play.

Choosing the Right Racket for your Skill Level

If you are a complete beginner, racket choice is not that important. Budget-friendly rackets and those designed with less experienced players in mind will not drive your performance in any significant way. Instead, you will be relying on core tennis skills and strong playing technique. Starter rackets are very affordable and should rarely set you back more than £30-40. Avoid spending too much on your initial purchase. If you quickly decide that tennis is not for you, you will not have wasted too much money. Likewise, if you decide to progress with tennis and soon need to upgrade to a more advanced racket, you will have more of a budget to work with when shopping for an intermediate model.

Things to Consider Before Buying a Racket

One thing to ask yourself before you invest in a racket is what your playing goals are. If you are simply looking to pick up a racket for recreational play on an occasional basis, a no frills starter racket will prove more than sufficient for your needs. However, if you are committed to long-term training and build toward an impressive skill level, it makes sense to pay more for a high-grade racket that will facilitate this. If you enjoyed tennis in the past and are looking to resume playing, you might also want to consider investing in a more intermediate racket. A more basic model will no doubt prove limiting to those who have already developed the fundamental skills and have a solid playing style.

Style of Play & Stroke

Female players, especially those who are less experienced, usually have slower swing speeds and more compact strokes. If this criteria applies to you, a more lightweight racket will better suit your playing style. Larger head sizes are also a user-friendly option for women and allow you to unleash more power when playing. A larger head will also you to make contact with the ball more consistently, allowing to maintain long volleys and keep you in the game.

Better female players, especially those inching toward the advanced level, will generally demonstrate faster strokes and a fuller swing. If you have developed these skills, think about investing in a heavier racket with a smaller head size. Provided you have a strong technique, these rackets will provide you with powerful performance and exceptional control of the ball.

If you have been playing tennis for a considerable amount of time, you will no doubt find your style of play falls into one of several broad categories. Versatile players tend to demonstrate an all court style of play. You will fall into this category if you are comfortable playing from just about anywhere on the court. So-called net rushers form another category. If you regularly move closer to the net to hit volleys, you likely fall into this category. Finally, there is the aggressive baseline style of play. This category includes players who prefer to keep close to the baseline and impart significant topspin on their hits. More advanced rackets are geared toward specific styles of play. If you spend most of your time on the court exhibiting a specific style, selecting a racket that is tailored toward your style is a no-brainier.

Main Types of Tennis Racket

If you are a complete novice, a power racket is an ideal entry-point purchase. These reliable rackets provide you with significant levels of power when hitting the ball, making them a very efficient choice for female players. Power rackets are relatively lightweight an easy to move about the court with, rarely weighing more than 300 grams. Power credentials are further enhanced by a larger head size. A larger head also allows you to hit the ball more consistently, with less margin for error.

If you have developed a decent technique and are looking to upgrade your power racket, a tweener racket deserves some consideration. Tweeners provide a good combination of control and power, without concentrating too greatly on either characteristic. These types of racket rarely weigh any more than the heaviest power racket, making them easy enough to handle. Head size is also slightly smaller than what you can expect from a power racket, but still large enough that you can enjoy consistent volleys.

If you think a tweener racket might be too limiting for your style of play, a control racket might be a better option. These rackets are designed to provide you with superior levels of control. Racket heads are relatively small, minimizing the amount of bounce and ensuring you maintain more control of the ball. Control racket frames are also relatively flexible and designed to absorb energy as you play. This not only increases the amount of control you have over the racket, but puts less strain on the arm.

In Summary

The difference between men’s and women’s tennis rackets is slight, with most options available designed with unisex application in mind. However, if you want to enjoy the best performance possible from your racket, it is important to approach any potential purchase with strict buying criteria. No matter what type of racket you go for, female players are generally better served by a slightly lighter frame. More experienced players looking to invest in a control racket will of course have to make some sacrifices when it comes to carrying weight, but selecting a racket made from lightweight materials like graphite can help eliminate a little bit of bulk from the overall design. Ultimately, when it comes to tennis rackets, you get what you pay for. While beginners should never spend too much on a basic racket, the more advanced tennis player can expect to pay a considerable premium for high-end rackets that will improve performance.

Wilson Federer Tennis Racquet (EA)

The Wilson Federer tennis racket is a great beginners tennis racket for both men and women. Named after the best tennis player of all time the Wilson Federer Tennis Racket does not disappoint.

The racket is specially designed to maximize power, forgiveness and stability. The racket is 11.5 oz when strung meaning you will have plenty of leverage and momentum to hit the ball with great power and from depth anywhere on the court. The racket head is large at 110 square inches in total providing loads of racket space to hit the tennis ball with and a huge sweet spot to help you time your shots to perfection.

The Volcanic frame is specially designed for great power and stability helping you have that extra edge in your games. The power strings are longer and specially designed for more power which is a great bonus to your game.

For reference the unstrung balance of the racket is 3 points head-light making the racket maneuverable enough to use with ease.

All in all, this is a great women’s beginner power racket with a cool design.


HEAD Speed Kids Tennis Racquet – Beginners Pre-Strung Head Light Balance Jr Racket – 21″,

The Head Speeed Kids Tennis Racket is a quality junior, beginners tennis racket for young girls and even boys.

The racket comes in different sizes which we reckoned for different age-ranges:

There is a 19 inch racket which we recommend for children under four years of age.

There is a 21 inch racket which we recommend for children aged 4-5.

There is a 23 inch racket which we recommend for children aged 6-8 years.

There is a 25 inch racket which we recommend for children aged 9-10.

The rackets have a headlight balance which really helps with maneuverability, stability and a reduction in vibrations – you will be whipping shots across the court with ease!

The frame is made from a strong and sturdy aluminum 0-beam construction which is built to last – your kid will definitely be outgrowing this tennis racket.

The designs are size dependent and the racket comes in a blue green and red version. This racket will be the envy of all the other children on the tennis court and your kids will have a blast playing with them.

This is a light-weight, durable junior tennis racket that will do a great job for your up-and-coming young champ.


Wilson Tour Slam Lite Tennis Racket

The Wilson Tour Slam Lite tennis racket is oozing comfort and power and is really easy to use.

The special V-matrix tech hugely enlargers the central sweet spot making it super easy to time your shots to perfection generating that all-important power!

The frame of the racket is made from an airlite alloy helping provide a more light-weight and maneuverable racket which is a joy to use. The specially designed power bridge gives you longer main strings on the racket face, really improving the rebound speed of tennis balls as they fly off the racket.

The stop shock sleeves are perfect for reducing racket vibrations and providing a really comfortable feel to the racket.

The extra large racket head is perfect for producing that all-important power with an enlarged racket face for more contact area with the tennis ball and a much bigger sweet-spot.

All-in-all the Wilson Tour Slam Lite tennis racket is a great and comfortable tennis racket to play with.


Wilson Hyper Hammer 5.3 Tennis Racket

The Wilson Hyper Hammer 5.3 tennis racket is a great adult power racket, perfect for players with short and compact swings.

The racket comes with a power frame for that extra edge in matches. The head is also over-sized giving you plenty of racket surface to play shots and the sweet-spot is also bigger helping you time those perfect worldies every match.

The racket itself has a head-heavy balance which is great for increased stability helping you focus on your game. There is also more momentum with every shot you play helping you really strike the ball with power and depth from anywhere on the court.

The special open-string pattern helps you play with more spin and finesse and also helps you add further power to your shots.

You also have have different options for grip size: 4 ½ inches , 4 ¼ inches , 4 ⅛ inches and 4 ⅜ inches which is great for tailoring this racket to your personal taste.

The Wilson Hyper Hammer 5.3 is a great power, heavy duty tennis racket that will definitely do the job on the tennis court.


Wilson Tour Slam Tennis Racket

The Wilson Tour Slam is another quality racket produced by Wilson.

The specially designed frame uses Volcanic Frame technology to increase the rackets power and stability stats making it really fun to use. The special Power Strings are longer than regular strings helping you have that stronger and more powerful feel as you strike the tennis ball.

The racket also comes with special stop shock pads to help reduce those pesky vibrations helping you play tennis with the utmost comfort.

The sweet spot of this particular racket is quite large due to Wilson’s special V-Matrix technology helping you add that additional whip to all your shots.

The tennis racket comes in three different grip sizes: 4 ½ inches, 4 ¾ inches and 4 ⅜ inches and so you can choose the best grips size for your own personal comfort.

This racket is also quite heavy helping you hit the ball with some serious momentum and power.

A quality all-round racket produced by Wilson to help you fall in love with the game!


HEAD Ti.S6 Tennis Racquet

The Head Ti.S6 is a great intermediate/beginners racket for more serious players looking to progress their game to the next level!

The head size of the racket is 115 inches squared which is slightly oversize helping you generate that all important power. The sweet spot is also slightly larger helping you time your shots to perfection as you sweep your opponents off the court.

The racket is actually 1 point head heavy which will help you have more momentum as you swing through the tennis ball helping generate more whip as you hit through the tennis ball.

The racket is also quite light-weight making it very maneuverable and easy to use. You will be able to move this racket with lightning fast speed!

Being 27 ¾ inches in length the Head Ti.S6 provides that extra reach and length which can come into use in more intense rallies.

The Head Ti.S6 is a perfect for an intermediate/beginner tennis player looking for a light-weight tennis racket to take their game to the next level.


Wilson Junior Burn Pink Tennis Racquet

The Wilson Junior Burn Pink tennis racket is a great racket for young, junior players growing to love the game!

The racket comes in different sizes and specs tailored for different ages and strength of players:

There is a 19 inch racket which we recommend for children under four years of age.

There is a 21 inch racket which we recommend for children aged 4-5.

There is a 23 inch racket which we recommend for children aged 6-8 years.

There is a 25 inch racket which we recommend for children aged 9-10.

As you progress in racket length you also progress in racket head size so that the racket remains at a weight your kid will be comfortable using and enjoying the game with.

For reference, the 19 inch racket weighs 6.2 oz, the 21 inch racket weighs 6.9 oz, the 23 inch racket weighs 7.2 oz and the 25 inch racket weighs 7.9 oz. 

The Wilson Junior Burn Pink Tennis Racket is a great racket for your child to fall in love with the game. With Wilson you know you are getting quality.



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