Head Graphene Prestige MP Review

Head Graphene Prestige MP Review

Intermediate players will often struggle to select a suitable racket when upgrading from basic models. Once basic techniques have been developed and a suitable playing style has been determined, things get much more complicated. A good intermediate racket needs to provide an effective combination of power, stability and spin performance. At the same time, user-friendliness remains as important as ever, while maneuverability continues to be key. The Head Graphene Prestige MP is probably one of the best selections for intermediate players looking to take to the next steps and upgrade to a more suitable racket for their advancing playing style.

Technical Specs

The Head Graphene Prestige MP is definitely something to consider if you are an intermediate or advanced player looking to enjoy first-rate specs and tennis technology. Graphene Touch Technology is probably the biggest draw of this racket. Graphene is one of the strongest and most durable materials around, while also benefiting from very lightweight. Therefore, it is a perfect selection of the manufacturing of tennis rackets. This brings the weight of the racket down to a very manageable 296 grams. Despite the lightweight build, this racket is very stable and provides you with significant power.

This cutting-edge material has many other benefits, including excellent shock absorption properties. More aggressive tennis players will appreciate, allowing them to swing and serve with substantial force, without worrying that feel and comfort will be affected. The material also means that any unwanted noise vibration is quickly eliminated, allowing you to concentrate on the game with no distractions.

String Pattern

The Graphene Prestige MP racket features a 18 x 20 string pattern that drives performance potential, while also ensuring a much better feel upon impact. This dense string pattern means you can hit the ball with plenty of force without worrying that you are stressing the string fibers. Again, this design feature suits a more aggressive style of play. It also makes the Prestige MP a good option for those players who are prone to breaking strings. If you are tired of constantly having to invest in new strings, this racket is a durable and cost-effective option.

Dimensions & Weight

The head size of the this racket is approximately 98 square inches. It falls squarely within the mid-plus (MP) bracket. This head size will provide you with healthy balance of control and power, letting you throw yourself into a game with a racket that performs. The head size is therefore suitable for advanced and intermediate tennis players, granting you a welcome balance of power and precision, provided you have the skills to back it up.

The Head Graphene Prestige MP falls into the mid-weight range. If you are only just upgrading from a starter racket, you may have a little bit of trouble acclimatizing to the slight increase in carrying weight of this racket. However, if you have built up some essential arm strength and are deploying proper technique on the court, you will quickly learn how to wield this racket with little effort. Although slightly heavier than what you might be be used to, this racket is engineered to help you improve your game.

The balance of this racket is shifted slightly towards the handle. This a stark contrast to other rackets from Head that are geared toward the beginner. Those rackets usually feature a balance shifted toward the head that gives a helping hand when it comes to adding power to shots. The assumption here is that, as a more experienced player, who will be able to impart power onto your shots through technique. The benefit of having the weight shifted toward the handle is that, despite a slightly heavier build, this racket remains very maneuverable. Combined with the additional bulk of the frame, the racket is also very stable. The balance of the Head Prestige MP also means you can expect superior shock absorption and vibration absorption. The less vibration you experience, the more comfortable the racket is to use. If you intend to play long sessions on the court or tournaments, you will definitely appreciate the minimal vibration performance of this racket. It will also help minimize the chance of you developing things like tennis elbow and other strain injuries.

Benefits of the Head Graphene Prestige MP

The Head Graphene Prestige MP might be designed with more proficient players in mind, but you can also expect a user-friendly approach here. This relatively lightweight racket is very maneuverable, allowing you to move around quickly on the court and respond to quick exchanges of the ball.

You can also expect good rates of spin when playing with this racket. This is largely down to the fairly open string pattern. If you have decent playing ability, you should have no trouble putting good rates of spin when serving or with your ground strokes.

Intermediate players will also love the amount of control this racket affords you over the ball. You can really take charge of things like ball direction and depth across a variety of shots. Unlike more basic rackets, this model will also allow you to strike from different positions when it comes to serving.

This racket also deserves points for its aesthetics. This is a sleek looking racket that will impress on the court. It is also a very affordable option, especially when you consider the design level and technologies on offer here. If you have put off upgrading from your starter racket because you have not had the money to spare, the Head Graphene Prestige MP provides you with a great value solution.

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Downsides of this Racket

Head have plenty be proud of when it comes to the Graphene Prestige MP, but there are also some drawback to this design. For one, this racket is a little muted when compared to similarly positioned models on the market. This is a direct result of the vibration and shock dampening technologies that have been implemented in the design. While some users will appreciate the inclusion of dampening technology, others will find that racket response is too muted for their liking. If you still need to feel connected to your shots as you develop your playing style, you might want to think about looking elsewhere for an intermediate tennis racket.

Although the graphene construction of this racket makes it a relatively heavy-duty design, durability is hampered somewhat by the string pattern. The string pattern is fairly loose and open, meaning you have reduced tension control. A reduction in tension often leads to strings that are more prone to breakage. If you are a particularly aggressive player, be weary of this, otherwise you may find yourself having to replace strings before you really need to.

In Conclusion

If you are eager to progress to the next stage of your tennis training, the Head Graphene Prestige MP is an obvious candidate for your next racket. It is perfectly geared toward the mid-level player, with features that will help you refine your ball control across the board. You can look forward to a relatively heavy swinging weight here as well, which will help players to generate powerful shots, without the worry of straining their arms and joints.

This racket is also fairly inexpensive for an intermediate model. Despite this, you can expect a racket that provides you with a good balance of power, spin performance, comfort and control. If your current racket has been holding you back, the Head Graphene Prestige MP will help you take your next steps and allow you to improve your technique significantly.



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