Head Ti S6 Tennis Racket Review

Head Ti S6 Tennis Racket Review

Tennis is a particularly tricky game to master and it can take beginners a considerable amount of time to master basic techniques and establish a suitable playing style. If you are struggling to get to grips with the tennis basics, you will want to ensure your starter racket gives you the best possible advantage. If you are a tennis novice who is finding training a challenge, the Head Ti S6 tennis racket is on hand to help.

Introducing the Head Ti S6 Tennis Racket

This quality racket from Head is made from a premium combination of titanium. The graphite makes this racket exceptionally light, allowing less experienced players to produce faster swings. This lightweight design will also benefit players with weaker arm strength. The frame is bolstered by titanium, making this Head racket a particularly sturdy option. This stiffness is perfect for providing players with a little help when it comes to unleashing more power on their shots.

Although the first-rate composition is unusual for a starter racket, the rest of the design is pretty standard for an entry-level model. The lightweight frame will definitely suit the weaker tennis player who wants to train for longer periods without tiring themselves out. The airy design also means players can remain light on their feet, meeting incoming volleys more quickly. This racket also features a relatively small grip. This will help players maintain a firm hold on the racket, while also allowing them to put more speed into their swings.

The Head Ti S6 does not include any specific features to improve control, but you look forward to a very user-friendly racket. This is all thanks to the so-called shock stop feature. This impressive technology works to eliminate the amount of vibration the racket and your hand experience when you make contact with the ball.

Key Features of the Head Ti S6 Tennis Racket

When you compare the Ti S6 to other rackets on the market, you will instantly notice how wide it is. Both the center and body of the racket frame is markedly wider than other options out there. This is of course intentional. Head have engineered a racket that will allow the user to drive the ball with more confidence. Until you have built up a solid technique and developed relevant muscle mass in your arms, it is unlikely you will be able to inject too much power into your drives. This racket compensates for that, allowing you to add essential force to your shots, even if you make off-center contact with the ball. The firmer build certainly helps in this regard, with the stiff frame helping generate additional force when you strike the ball. If you have relatively short strokes, the Ti.S6 will still allow you to unleash powerful strikes.

Is the Head Ti S6 Tennis Racket Right For You?

The Head Ti S6 boasts a head size that measures approximately 115 inches. The total length is also substantial, coming in just short of 28 inches. Even users with bigger hands might find the Ti S6 a little on the large size. However, it is unlikely to feel too bulky. It certainly isn’t too big to wield effectively on the court.

The substantial head size of the Ti S6 means you are unlikely to miss the ball completely. In fact, it is a very forgiving racket option for those who regularly struggle with off-center shots. Less confident players will definitely benefit from this reliable performance. The Head Ti S6 will allow you to consistently hit the ball clear over the net and allow you to establish volleys with your opponent. Players with a smoother stroke will probably find this racket a little too powerful. The same applies to those with longer follow through and back swing styles.

Racket Specifics

We have talked a little bit about the length of this racket. The majority of rackets usually measure no more than 27 inches. In total, the Head Ti S6 tennis racket comes in at 27.75 inches. This extension of three-quarters of an inch might seem slight, but results in noticeable gains on the court. Ultimately, it provides you with a longer reach, allowing you to reach balls that normally stray slightly too far for you to hit them. A longer racket will take a little bit of getting used to, but we are only talking in a timescale of hours and days.

Lightweight Design

If you are looking for a lightweight racket, the Head Ti S6 tennis racket will meet your requirements. In total, this racket weighs just under 270 grams. Considering the size of the racket and the amount of power it will put on your shots, this lightweight design is surprising. If you are looking for a racket that can held for hours at a time, the Ti S6 is a very suitable choice. It is also a good option for those with weaker arm strength, as well as those with existing injuries. If you are particularly prone to things like tennis elbow, the lightweight build with Ti S6 will take the strain out of your swings.

String Specifics

You will be glad to know that the Head Ti S6 racket includes high-quality synthetic gut strings. For the vast majority of beginners and intermediate players, these strings will be more than sufficient. If you begun to master topspin, these premium synthetic strings will allow you to put good levels of spin on your shots. This an essential tactic to deploy if you are looking to consistently beat your opponent. The strings you will find her are also very durable. You will not have to worry about replacing these synthetic gut strings anytime soon.

Key Benefits of the Head Ti S6 Tennis Racket

The Head Ti S6 is an ideal entry-level racket for the beginner, although it should also appeal to intermediate players not quite ready for a more advanced control or power racket. The Ti S6 is also well suited to players with smaller hands, with the compact grip designed specifically with these players in mind. Compared to other available rackets out there, the Ti S6 from Head is also incredibly lightweight. If you are keen to keep light on your feet and want to stave off strains and fatigue for longer training sessions and court play, this racket will definitely prove a good choice.

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Drawbacks of the Ti S6 Tennis Racket

The Head Ti S6 is not for everyone. If you are looking for something that yields excellent performance when it comes to control, the Ti S6 falls short. It is particularly ineffective for maximizing control when carrying out swings. It is particularly unsuited to those players who utilize longer strokes when swinging.

In Conclusion

If you have been looking around for a solid racket that will suit beginner-level play, the Head Ti.S6 will more than impress. In addition to being well balanced for less experienced for less experienced tennis players, this racket is surprisingly durable. The hard-wearing build and stiff frame style will give your shots a noticeable power boost allowing you to add real force to the ball. This will appeal to amateur players in training looking to build confidence. One of the most significant hurdles newcomers to tennis have to clear is the frustration of not being able to return the ball with significant force. The Head Ti.S6 overcomes this issue entirely, allowing the novice to serve and return the ball more consistently, allowing them to develop their technique and work towards intermediate levels of ability. The Head Ti.S6 is not the cheapest entry-level on the market, but it is a solid performer and very durable, ensuring you will not need to replace this before upgrading to the next tier.



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