Onix Z5 Pickleball Paddle Review

Onix Z5 Pickleball Paddle

While the best pickleball paddles of yesteryear were fairly limited in their design, today’s offerings are far more refined. The Onix Z5 pickleball paddle is one of the best options currently on the market. In fact, is is the preferred paddle of many professional players. However, the Onix Z5 is designed with a far broader range of players in mind. This quality paddle will suit prove a good fit for both experienced players and the beginner.

First Impressions of the Onix z5 Pickleball Paddle

The Onix Z5 has been carefully designed to deliver in every aspect. This paddle has a superior core, enhanced with the latest technology. It also offers a large sweet spot and very hard face. All of this combines to deliver you incredible levels of accuracy and plenty of power. The wider face design and substantial sweet spot makes it much easier to successfully connect with the ball. This is ideal for less experienced players looking to master a good technique. However, even the more advanced pickleball player will appreciate this generous sweet sot as it allows consistent connection with incoming shots and allows you to add plenty of power when swinging with force.

This paddle will also appeal with its lightweight design and great feel. Although not the lightest paddle out there, the Onix Z5 is by no means a bulky design. It falls somewhere between lightweight and middleweight standards. Although relatively lightweight, the Onix Z5 will how you to make powerful shots.

The Onix Z5 is a more conventional looking paddle with a wider body. This puts it in stark contrast o many contemporary paddles that feature a longer shape. The wider design of the Onix Z5 makes it a versatile choice for pickleball players and is likely to inspire many manufacturers to follow suit. Professional players often reach for wider paddle designs as they offer far easier to work with. They are also a very worthwhile option for beginners, with the wider face providing you with a significant sweet spot. A wider body also allows for a harder surface for easier connection with the ball.

Onix Z5 in Detail

The Onix Z5 weighs just under 8 ounces. As it isn’t too lightweight, nor too heavy, the paddle is a well-balanced one and very easy to handle. If you are looking to customize your paddle with your own grips, you can expect to alter the overall weight slightly. You can bring the overall carrying weight down to approximately 7.5 ounces if you use low-profile grips, while bulkier ones will push the overall weight up to around 8 ounces.

Pickleball novices will find the wider face of this paddle very accessible. In addition to the larger sweet spot, the face also includes an advanced core with a graphite face. Graphite is a signature of a superior paddle as it allows the ball to really pop when you make contact. It also means the overall weight of the paddle can be kept low.


The Onix Z5 is relatively standard in its dimensions. It comes in a standard length of 15.5 inches, which keeps it line with the average. This paddle does stand apart from other options when you consider the width, however. Most paddles have a maximum width of 8 inches. Here however, things are a little wider, with an extra 0.3 inches increasing the overall size of the paddle.

Grip Specifics

The Onix Z5 is designed with a wide variety of players in mind. The grip is tailored toward a broader range of players, measuring 4 inches. This grip size is well suited to hands of all sizes, allowing you to maintain a firm handle on your paddle. It will so combat looser shots that will impact your performance. The grip included there is also very comfortable, with ergonomic cushioning making it a pleasure to handle.

Core Technology

A premium Nomex core construction makes this pickleball paddle one of the best on the market. The honeycomb core, combined with the wide body of the paddle itself, will allow you to hit more powerful shots consistently, without you having to put too much effort into your swings.

The Onix Z5 Pickleball Paddle in Practice

The Onix Z5 is something to consider if you want to put real power behind your shots. The resin-coated honeycomb core makes for a particularly robust paddle that combines lightweight convenience with an incredibly hard surface. This superior design means you can look forward to high levels of stability, helping you generate significant power when you play. The Nomex material found at the heart of this paddle is known for its effective power generation credentials. The generous sweet spot provided here means you have the best of both worlds when it comes to refined accuracy and powerful performance.

Graphite paddles are recommended for those just starting out in the world of pickleball. The lightweight nature of graphite means you can enjoy superior movement and flexibility when playing. Paddled made from graphite also provide you with desirable acoustics, delivering a noticeable pop whenever the paddle makes contact with the ball. Paddles made from other types of material usually absorb a great deal of the impact, diminishing the amount of noise you can expect after a successful connection. The Onix Z5 delivers effective bounce, deflecting the ball more quickly. Not only will this ensure you hear an audible pop every time, it also means you can expect to send the ball over the net with plenty of force.

Superior Feedback

First-rate feedback will help you better utilize your pickleball paddle and develop a more competitive playing style. The Onix Z5 definitely excels when it comes to feedback. Although this paddle offers a large sweet spot, less proficient players may initially have trouble connecting it with the ball. However, with this paddle, you will instantly notice when you make less than desirable connections. You can therefore adjust your playing style accordingly. In a sense, the Onix Z5 will let you know how to use it properly, helping you master a more efficient technique. Although this paddle is a good option for advanced players looking to win, it is also a very reliable training tool.

Drawbacks of the Design

While the Onix Z5 impresses on a technical level, some users may be put off by the aesthetics on offer here. The branded graphics distract away from the premium performance this paddle offers players. It certainly does not hold up to other paddles from manufacturers like Head. The level of branding is also excessive, with contact information and other lettering added on the base.

Although this paddle is relatively well balanced, it is perhaps a little bit too focused on power. The Onix Z5 tends to deliver a bit too much power than most players will require. The popping acoustics are of course welcome, but they are so loud they might prove too distracting for some users. Ultimately, the Onix Z5 sacrifices a degree of control in favor of power. This might work for you, but it will not work for everyone.

In Conclusion

Although the Onix Z5 comes with a couple of minor downsides, the good far outweighs the bad. Compared to other paddles, the Onix Z5 is very affordable. Even though it is slightly geared towards power, it is also a very balanced paddle. Beginners will definitely appreciate the power boost provided here, while those with a more aggressive style of play will be able to effectively utilize the power potential on offer here. If you are looking to improve your technique quickly, the Onix Z5 is definitely something to think about.



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