Yonex Voltric 7 Review

Yonex Voltric 7 Review

If you are looking for a quality badminton racket that will not break the bank, you might want to take a detailed look at the Yonex Voltric 7. Although fairly affordable, the Voltric 7 will not disappoint when it comes to performance and power. User-friendliness is also assured here. The Voltric 7 also delivers a wide range of superb features, helping you fine-tune your techniques and improve your skills. Released in 2011, this reliable racket has proved a popular option with badminton players across the globe since. Keen to know more? Read on for our in-depth review.

Key Specs

The Yonex Voltric 7 is a badminton racket designed with the beginner and intermediate player in mind. It is also best suited to those looking for a racket that can be deployed for defensive play. In terms of flexibility, you are looking at a semi-stiff deign here. This racket is also balanced toward a head-heavy design. This racket is also reasonably lightweight, with a total weight of between 85 and 89 grams, depending on the exact model you choose. The Yonex Voltric 7 also includes G4 grip, which should accommodate the vast majority of users after some practice.

Delving into the Detail

Yonex is synonymous with industry-leading technology, with popular racket models including the original Voltric Z Force racket, and the Duora 10. As with all badminton rackets from Yonex, the Voltric 7 boasts the signature G4 grip. This premium grip has a total circumference of 89 millimetres which some users may have trouble getting used to begin with. However, a little bit of practice will pay off in the long run. Once you have trained a little with this racket, you will quickly learn to appreciate the benefits of a G4 grip.

Compared to other available rackets, the Voltric 7 falls into the lightweight category. The lightest model you can buy comes in at 85 grams, which may be a little too airy for users to utilize. Again, practice will allow you to familiarize yourself with the benefits of the racket.

This racket is constructed from a durable combination of cutting-edge materials, including graphite and tungsten. Graphite is regularly used by the best badminton racket manufacturers to facilitate lightweight design, without you having to settle for second-rate durability. Another attractive feature of this racket is its isometric head shape. The head shape means you can enjoy a significantly large sweet spot. Compared to other available rackets, the sweet spot is approximately 40 percent larger. In terms of flex, the Voltric rates in the medium range. While the racket is geared more toward the beginner, the medium flex will also appeal to the experienced player.

A control support cap is also included as a standard feature of the Voltric 7, minimizing the incidence of slippage. Te control gap allows for a better overall grip, while also enhancing the amount of control and flexibility you can expect from the racket. Thanks to this control cap, you can swing the racket confidently through the air. This also means you can push your swing speeds and enjoy better positioning to ensure you make crisp contact with the ball. All of this is fairly unique to rackets found in this corner of the market.

If you are comfortable playing with head-heavy rackets, you will love what the Voltric 7 has in store. The balance of this racket provides you with a good combination of power and speed. As the weight is concentrated at the head, the racket will allow you to put significant amounts of power into your shots, making it very effective when it comes to smashes.

Main Draws of the Voltric 7

First and foremost, the Voltric is relatively affordable, especially for an industry-leading retailer like Yonex. Despite being a budget-friendly racket, you will not have to settle for inferior design with the Voltric 7. In fact, the performance of capabilities on offer here compete with much more expensive rackets on the market.

The Voltric 7 is well suited to those with a highly defensive playing style. This racket is designed with speed in mind, allowing you to remain light on your feet and deploy swift responses so you can meet most attacks with little effort. The lightweight nature of the Voltric 7 also means you should have little trouble making powerful shots that clear the net. As the balance of this racket is focused in the head section, powerful smashes can be consistently achieved. The larger sweet spot also means you will have no problem making consistent contact with the ball.

If you are hoping to make consistent drives, the Voltric 7 will also stand out from the competition. This reliable racket from Yonex makes the best of its larger sweet spot and user-friendly handling to provide you with a weapon that will allow you to react quickly and defend with powerful drives. When it comes to a more aggressive style of play and attack tactics, the Voltric 7 holds up well. Used correctly, this racket will allow you make controlled hits that land close to the net, dealing your opponents a significant challenge that is nigh on impossible to counter.

Significant Drawbacks

The thinner frame design of the Voltric 7 might deter some badminton players. The more aggressive player may find the frame far too lightweight for their needs. However, by the same logic, those players with a defensive style of play will benefit from the lighter build as it delivers superior responsiveness that allows you to combat attacks and counter more effectively.

The Voltric 7 is also really well suited to the more experienced user. While this racket does provide good levels of control and sufficient power, those with a better overall technique and significant attacking power will find the Voltric 7 too limiting.

Standout Features

The Voltric 7 from Yonex boasts some superb design technology, setting it apart from other available rackets. The lightweight build is without doubt one of the biggest draws of this racket. It is very easy to handle and manipulate on the court. Even inexperienced badminton players will be able to put this racket to work effectively. There is also a great deal of stability on offer here, which is not something you can always expect from a mid-range racket. The Voltric 7 will work to minimize torque and absorb excess energy, keeping things stable at all times.

We have talked about the large sweet spot, but it deserves another mention. The isometric head and the larger sweet spot is a real standout that puts this racket ahead of the competition. The isometric head shape and bigger sweet spot not only allows you to consistently connect with the ball, it also allows you return volleys and serve with high levels of precision. This is not a combination you commonly encounter with intermediate rackets. The heavyweight head also makes serving a breeze. Those who are newer to the game of badminton will love what the heavyweight head can do for their technique, helping them master a wider range of skills more quickly.

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In Conclusin

If you are looking for a badminton racket that falls in the mid-range of the market, the Voltric 7 from Yonex is arguably one of the best models to spend your money on. It is a very affordable racket to be honest, with plenty of premium technologies and design features that will excite. It is best suited to the beginner and players at those who play at an intermediate level, providing you with exceptional control, excellent responsiveness and impressive speed. However, the more experienced player will no doubt find the Voltric 7 too restrictive. While advanced players can definitely enjoy this racket recreationally, it will not push their technique forward or help them master anything new.



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