Yonex Voltric Z Force 2 Review

Yonex Voltric Z Force 2 Review

The Yonex Voltric Z Force 2 from Yonex has been a popular choice with badminton players for several years now. Originally unveiled in 2014, this second generation racket followed in the footsteps of the original Voltric Z Force. This premium racket builds upon the successes of its predecessor, with appealing benefits like a new and improved slimline shaft, enhanced strength and better levels of responsiveness. If you are looking for increased speed and better smash performance, you should seriously think about investing in the Yonex Voltric Z Force 2.

Design Details

Yonex is a big name in the badminton market. The brand is synonymous with industry-leading technology, with popular models including the original Voltric Z Force racket, Voltric 7 and the Duora 10. The design of the Voltric Z Force 2 is just as impressive as what has gone before it. This badminton racket is available in two different versions. The lighter option weighs in at approximately 83 grams, while the heavier alternative weighs approximately 88 grams. Both models include a G4 grip. This is the standard when it come to Yonex rackets, so you will know what to expect if you ever played with rackets from this brand before.

String tensioning is also pretty standard. The manufacturer recommends that you opt for a string tension of between 20 and 28 pounds.. This will ultimately depend on which model of racket you have chosen to invest in. This racket is relatively stiff when it comes to flex. In fact, it falls more in the extra stiff category. The result is a badminton racket that feels heavier in the head.

Key Advantages of the Voltric Z Force 2

There are many reasons to buy the Voltric Z Force 2. Firstly, this racket is incredibly attractive. The aesthetics are relatively simple and pared-back, avoiding the vibrant accents and vivid details of other rackets from the brand. The majority of this racket comes in classic black, with hints of blue throughout. The brand logo is also clearly identifiable. Those looking for stripped-back design will certainly appreciate the direction Yonex have gone in with the Voltric Z Force 2.

This racket also provides you with powerful performance. This is a good choice for those looking for solid smashes. You can expect to produce plenty of power with every shot, with solid connections every time you make contact with the shuttlecock. This racket also allows you to swing with considerable speed. However, you will need to have a heavy swing in order to get the best out of this racket. As the majority of the overall weight is focused on the head of the racket, it requires considerable force in order to swing it at speed. However, if you have a good degree of swinging strength, this racket will prove a good fit your playing style.

Racket Construction

The Voltric Z Force 2 stands out thanks to its slimline shaft. It is certainly noticeably slimmer than many other badminton rackets on the market, including ones from Yonex. The ultra-slim shaft is largely thanks to the material used in the construction of the racket. Specifically, we are talking about nanometric carbon. This modern material allows for exceptional aerodynamics, helping you cut through the air with considerable speed. It will also allow you to hit the shuttlecock with far more energy, sending it soaring. This material is also very hard-wearing.

Another impressive detail is the control support cap. This further bolsters the overall construction, increasing the surface width considerably. The control support cap also gives this racket an edge in terms of grip. This will also help increase your swing speeds.

The innovative build material also reduces the amount of sound generated by this racket. If you have a particularly aggressive style of play, this is something you will definitely appreciate. The material also serves to reduce vibration levels. Compared to other rackets, vibration is reduced by as much as a third than the standard.

This racket also utilities a Tri-Voltage System. Although this design feature is relatively standard when it comes to the Yonex range, it is still very welcome here. This technology means your swing speed is not diminished by the head-heavy nature of this particular racket. You can therefore expect superb control and no compromise when it comes to hitting power.


The Yonex Voltric Z Force 2 scores well when it comes to power and speed. Although this racket is somewhat heavy, it will not slow you down on the court. In the badminton market, it is very rare to find a racket that effectively combines control and power in one package, so this model is definitely something special.

You can expect strong smashes more or less every time with this racket. The strings of the racket are also effective at ensuring exceptional performance. When the shuttlecock makes contact with the string pattern, it will be held for a little while longer than other models, before deflecting with substantial force. The energy generation of the Voltric Z Force 2 is something to genuinely get excited about.

If you are seeking a racket that will improve your defense, this model is right for you. It rates well as far as maneuverability is concerned, meaning you can return the shuttle swiftly to your opponent. However, only the most proficient of badminton players will be able to push this racket to its defensive limits. Net shot performance is also superb, largely down to the power potential and speed capabilities of this racket.

Is the Voltric Z Force Right For You?

This Yonex racket is definitely something the more experienced badminton player will want to think seriously about purchasing. It is definitely an advanced racket, so it will appeal more to the seasoned player with sufficient skill to put it too good use. However, it is less suitable for the beginner. If you have yet to develop effective techniques and a confident playing style, you will struggle to put this racket to effective use on the court. The novice will struggle when it comes to using this racket defensively, while those with a slower swing speed will also struggle to put power on their shots.

Those with a distinctly aggressive style of play will find get excited about, however. This is a racket designed for players who want to unleash fast swings and powerful drives. It will yield impressive output when it comes to smashes, while providing considerable control for the more adept user. If you have no trouble achieving significant speed with your swings, this racket will take you to the next level.

In Conclusion

This is a racket strictly geared toward the advanced player. This heavy-headed design fulfills pretty much all the criteria you should be looking for when it comes to selecting a premium racket. The first-rate construction and cutting-edge materials allow for a lightweight design that is maneuverable and easy to work with on the court, while high levels of responsiveness allow you to remain perfectly in tune with your racket at all times. This is arguably one of the best badminton rackets currently available and is undoubtedly the finest offering from Yonex. The huge gains to your game come with a significant price tag, but the cost of this racket is entirely justified by the first class features and the performance gains it will bring to your game. Less experienced players who want something more approachable are advised to consider other options from Yonex instead. The Nanoray 20 is one such model the less advanced badminton player might want to think about until they have developed their technique.



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