Best Badminton Shoes | 2022 Guide and Reviews

Best Badminton Shoes

You have plenty of choice when it comes to selecting suitable footwear for badminton. Nowadays, you will find a wide range of stylish options from leading sportswear brands, but there are several things you need to keep at the forefront of your mind to ensure a worthwhile investment. You need to think about overall wearing comfort and fitting, along with enhanced shoe support to minimize the effect of strain on your feet as you play. If you want footwear that lasts for a long time, you also need to ensure your footwear is durable and manufactured to a high standard. Only when you have considered all of these essential specs should you begin to think about aesthetics. Our buying guide outlines all the essential factors you need to think about to ensure you are purchasing the best badminton shoes for your requirements.

Fit & Wearing Comfort

Like your racket, when it comes to badminton shoes, comfort is everything. When selecting a suitable pair of badminton shoes, make sure you have selected a suitable fit for your foot measurements. In addition to ensuring you have picked the perfect size for your feet, you should also consider the length and width measurements footwear. Not all shoes on the market will include these measurements, but the best brands will. If your feet are particularly narrow or wide, these measurements can ensure you have footwear that provides an ideal fit and delivers superior comfort for long stretches of time.

Badminton shoes differ somewhat from other sports footwear. The key difference is the ergonomic shaping of badminton footwear. This distinct shaping provides your feet with maximum stability, while also providing you with superb levels of flexibility, particularly around the toe. This is particularly important when it comes to playing badminton, allowing you unlock more powerful strokes.

In addition to boosting your performance on the badminton court, shoes that fit well will reduce the risk of you suffering injuries and other ailments. The main things you want to avoid are blisters and common ankle injuries. To avoid blistering, you should opt for a comfortable pair of shoes and make sure that you spend enough time wearing them in. To prevent ankle injuries, you should make sure any badminton shoes you buy come with quality ankle supports and insoles. These features will prevent you from rolling your ankle during play.

Sufficient Support

As with any sport, it pays to invest in quality footwear that will support your feet and ankles, staving off the likelihood of you developing weak joins and chronic ailments down the line. Whenever possible, look for badminton footwear that include quality shoe supports as part of their design. Some brands and retailers will provide detail on the degree of support provided, helping you make a more informed choice when shopping for badminton shoes. If you have a healthier budget, you may want to think about investing in footwear that boasts more advanced shoe support. Premium cushioning is one such feature to look out for as this will effectively absorb the shock of impact. Responsive cushioning is particularly good at releasing excess pressure while you play.

Lightweight Composition

Although the majority of footwear brands do not specify the weight of shoes, a little bit of common sense will help you determine how lightweight or bulky a pair of badminton shoes will be. If you are someone who wants to remain light on their feet and enjoy maximum mobility, a lightweight pair of shoes might be the best way to go. However, while lightweight shoes facilitate faster movement on the badminton court, you can expect some compromise when it comes to overall support. Additionally, the more lightweight a shoe is, the less hard-wearing it is likely to be. It is best to avoid significantly lightweight shoes unless you have a smaller stature and frame. Even if this does indeed apply to you, swift movement and an advanced technique is also required to ensure you get the best out of lightweight badminton footwear.

Durable Footwear Design

If you intend to play badminton on a regular basis, you should never compromise when it comes to durability. Unless you are prepared to regularly replace your shoes, you will want to ensure your initial pair is built to last. Look for high-quality materials that will not wear easily, as well as double-stitched seams to ensure your footwear maintains its form for as long as possible. Durable shoes tend to look a little bulkier than more slimline alternatives, but this is a small price to pay for footwear that will hold up well for countless games of badminton.


The composition of your badminton shoes will have a direct correlation on their durability, but they will also determine the overall comfort and performance of them as well. Regardless of whether you opt for lightweight shoes or more durable footwear, you should definitely think about breathability. The sleekest shoes on the market will include a large amount of mesh fabric that ensures maximum airflow and breathability. However, if you want footwear that offers a good degree of comfort and support, you do not have to sacrifice breathability entirely. Look for footwear that includes mesh sections at the upper section of the shoe as this will encourage sufficient airflow to keep your feet dry and comfortable for long stretches of time.

The Best Choice for Stability

If you are the type of player who is most comfortable at the back of the court, you will want footwear that scores highly when it comes to stability and support. Look for footwear that fits securely, giving you a stable base for turning on the spot. They should also provide stability and a secure fit for short sprints. You should also think about impact protection to guard your feet against injury during sudden take-offs from the surface of the court. Such shoes should also protect against landings. Above all else, look for footwear that delivers a snug fit. This will not only keep your feet feeling comfortable, but provide a good basic level of protection, regardless of any additional features.

The Best Choice for Agility

If you are regularly on the attack during a game of badminton, the footwear you select should be chosen with agility in mind. Look for a low-profile design that provides you with superior levels of responsiveness. A sleeker, more responsive shoe will help you maintain sufficient speed and high levels of agility. Good traction is also a must, ensuring you are gripping the surface of the court consistently, even when quickly shift your direction. To accommodate sudden, aggressive turns on the court, go for a shoe that includes a substantial pivot point on the bottom of the sole itself. Attacking players will also benefit from footwear that fits snugly, ensuring you get the best from all of the design features offered by your choice of badminton shoe.

Jazba GECKOR 2.0 Sport shoe

A great, fashionable all-purpose indeed sneaker that will definitely support you throughout your badminton career.

The Jazbe Breathable Geckoer 2.0 professional sports shoe is a great all-round indoor trainer that is not only ideal for badminton, but is also good for squash, racquetball, pickleball and volleyball. Whatever the indoor game, the Geckor has you covered because it provides you with excellent grip and therefore great control.

The non-marking sole is made from anti-skid natural gum rubber making it durable ensuring you definitely get your money’s worth. The shoe is also incredibly comfortable with a high compression Eva midsole and is very shock absorbant making it great for moving full pelt around the court with ease. 

Importantly for badminton, the shoe has high compression side wings. This is ideal for badminton because it means that you will have enough support for all the quick sideways movements you will be making.

The shoes also have a very springy feeling and you feel very light on your feet using them ensuring you will be able to rapidly move around the court.

An added bonus is the specially designed ventilation system which is great for air flow through your trainers making sure your feet remain as sweat free as possible!

A great all-round indoor trainer with a great feel and look to it.


Mishansha Mens Athletic Court Shoes

Another great all-round sports shoe ideal for badminton along with tennis, squash, basketball, volleyball, table tennis and the gym. A really versatile shoe that will not let you down!

The shoe comes with a great design that is very easy on the eye. There are over eight different styles to choose from meaning there is something for everyone. 

The Mishansha Athletic Court shoe is very, very comfortable to wear. The interior is ergonomically designed to curve with your ankle making it super snug. The mesh lining is also very easy on your skin making your playing experience that much more enjoyable.

The elastic MD midsole and rubber outsole are especially designed to maximise elasticity, durability and cushioning. This means that these shoes have a great spring and speed when using them meaning you will be able to effortlessly glide around the court. The shoes also have decent grip indoors helping control and balance and are fairly tough too.

There is also a breathable synthetic upper layer which helps with air-flow and keeping your feet as dry and odorless as possible!

A great, versatile sneaker which will help improve your badminton game and provide a safe bet for most indoor sporting activities.


LI-NING Men Saga Lightweight Badminton Shoes Breathable Professional Sport Shoes AYTM085

A more traditional badminton shoe, tailor-made for this sole purpose.

The Li-Ning is a great shoe purely designed to enhance your badminton game and protect you when rapidly accelerating around the court in all directions. The shoe is designed to be incredibly flexible making all your movements very precise and comfortable around the court.

On the toe and inside front area of the shoe there is a stronger tufted tip which is great for badminton players as it offers durability and strength to an area of the sneaker that takes a lot of wear and tear due to the specific movements associated with the sport making the shoes more long-lasting and therefore cost-effective.

The shoes also provide solid support for your ankles meaning you will be able to play with more freedom and be able to push yourself more as you move around the court which is a great bonus to your overall game.

A great shoe built solely for badminton. This is a reliable shoe for all badminton players looking for protection, support, comfort and precision.


LI-NING Women Badminton Training Shoes Breathable Support Anti-Slip Lining Wearable Sport Shoes Sneakers AYTM076

A similar shoe to the men’s one previously described however this version is tailor-made for the women’s game.

The Li-Ning women’s shoe is designed to enhance your badminton game and offer protection as you zip across the court in hard-fought rallies. It is a very flexible shoe making all your movements very comfortable and precise – great for an all-round experience

There is a tufted stronger area on the toe and inside front area of the shoe which is great for the sport as it protects this area from movements specifically associated with badminton making the shoe durable and a cost-effective purchase.

There is also great ankle support provided with the design making sure you can play with the freedom and aggression you want to whilst ensuring safety.

A quality women’s badminton shoe designed to maximize your game.


Yonex SHB 47 EX Indoor Court Sports Shoes

A great light-weight indoor badminton shoe – simple but effective.

With Yonex, a brand associated with badminton world-wide, you know you are buying a quality product.

These shoes are really smooth to use. The power-cushion is great at absorbing strong impact with the ground meaning it is a very comfortable and safe shoe to use in fast-paced games. The grip is also great helping you move around the court with precision and safety. There is also sturdy ankle support with a wide base providing an extra layer of safety as you quickly transition.

This shoe can also be used for other indoor sporting activities such as tennis, ping-pong and volley ball however it is purposefully designed to maximise your badminton game making it a great purchase.

It is also important to note that these run small meaning they have a very snug fit. It might be a good idea to buy half a size or more up for additional comfort.

All-in-all a reliable,comfortable  indoor shoe which is designed to be best suited for badminton. A shoe that gets the job done.


Babolat Shadow Spirit Mens Badminton Sneakers/Shoes

These are comfortable straight out of the box badminton shoes from a reputable racket sports company. The key selling points of the Babolat badminton shoe are that it offers great traction and is very sturdy.

These shoes require very little, if any, break in time making them ideal for players who just want to go out and play. They also have a very light feel to them making them a joy to use – you feel like you are gliding around the court when you wear them! They also provide a great amount of traction with indoor courts meaning you are very secure and stable when using them. 

The overall style of the shoe is simple yet bold and definitely something I would enjoy wearing on the badminton court. 

A solid badminton shoe for a more intermediate and serious player looking for an alternative less-well known badminton brand to enjoy playing with!


Yonex Comfort Z Men’s Shoes

The Yonex comfort Z men’s shoes are a joy to play with. The clue is in the title – they are some of the most comfortable badminton shoes out there.

These shoes have a very snug and cosy fit and feel very comfortable on the inside. There is also a power cushion fitted across the entire sole. This means that when you jump and land it is super soft compared to most ordinary badminton shoes making your overall game very smooth. There is also reduced pressure on the ankle and heel which is an added bonus.

The shoes are also relatively light-weight making your movements fast and explosive and there is also a breathable mesh on top ensuring your feet are aerated and comfortable

There is also ample ankle support with a sturdy base typical of Yonex shoes.The black and white design is also very sleek which is a great additional bonus!

A very comfortable shoe which is easy and nice to play with!



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