Best Racquetball Goggles | 2022 Guide and Review

Best Racquetball Goggles | 2020 Guide and Review

When it comes to racquetball, never overlook how important protective equipment is. Specifically, we are talking about protective eye-wear. Sure a decent racquetball racquet is the most important tool in your arsenal, but goggles are a must when it comes to getting yourself kitted out for a solid racquetball game. Compared to other racket sports, the potential for sustaining a serious injury is amplified when playing racquetball. To ensure you are protected against serious harm, you need to ensure you have adequate eye wear in your kit bag. Need some pointers? Our in-depth guide includes all you need to know when selecting the best racquetball goggles.

Key Things to Think About

The first thing you need to think about before you splash out on a new pair of goggles is your level of play. Beginners usually require lower levels of protection when playing racquetball as ball speeds are generally lower. However, as you become more proficient with the racket and your ball speeds increase, the need for reliable protective equipment becomes more urgent. To ensure your eyes are properly protected against the hardest impacts, you will need to spend a considerable amount on a good pair of goggles. Other things to consider are face shape and age. Youngsters will need a pair of goggles that fit snugly with the contours of the face, while also allowing for some level of adjustment as they grow. Adults do not need to worry about outgrowing their goggles, but the pair they pick must deliver a secure fit that ensures optimal protection from all angles.

Main Varieties of Racquetball Goggles

There are two key types of racquetball goggles you can buy. These are referred to as one-piece lens goggles and two-piece lens goggles. As you might expect from the name, one-piece lens goggles incorporate a single lens in their design. This large lens covers the both eyes in their entirety. One-piece goggles are a good option for those who want high levels of impact protection. The single lens also provides the wearer with additional benefits. Unlike two-piece lens varieties, these single lens goggles can grant the wearer useful peripheral vision. There are some downsides to this goggle style, however. For one, not everyone likes the unsightly aesthetics of the one-piece approach. They are also less comfortable than two-piece lens styles and are more harder to correctly fit.

Two-piece lens goggles utilize two distinct lenses, with a single lens providing individual protection for each eye. At first glance, they are relatively similar in appearance to everyday sunglasses, if a little more cumbersome in their design. They are the go-to option for anyone who puts a high value on aesthetics and are relatively comfortable and easy to wear. However, the style gains come with some serious drawbacks. While two lenses might suggest enhanced protection, this variety of goggles actually offers less face and eye protection that single lens varieties.

Goggle Composition

Racquetball goggle lenses are made from a variety of materials. If you want maximum clarity at all times, you should consider investing in goggles made from glass. Although this material is relatively brittle and not likely to survive regular impacts with volatile balls, it ensures crystal clear vision with minimal distortion. Unless you are a very experienced player who is very quick on their feet, you should avoid goggles made from glass. The chance of lenses shattering and causing you injury is simply too great to justify the superior clarity they offer.

Plastic goggles are another option to consider. Although not as clear as glass, plastic provides you with relatively good vision and minimal levels of distortion. Plastic goggles are also very lightweight, meaning they score highly in terms of comfort. While plastic will withstand more impacts than glass, it is worth remembering that plastic goggles are not entirely shatterproof. These types of goggles are relatively affordable and the decent levels of protection they offer make them a good fit for the recreational player or beginner.

If you want the best in protection, polycarbonate goggles are what you should be spending your money on. This material is incredibly durable and will withstand the most significant of impacts. In the unlikely event that a polycarbonate lens breaks, the material will still maintain some integrity, breaking apart into sizable pieces. Compared to plastic and glass, polycarbonate is also very lightweight. The big problem with this material is that it offers inferior clarity when compared to plastic and glass, with considerable distortion something you will have to accept.

Other Essential Features

Anyone who has ever worn goggles during racquetball will know how much of an issue fogging is. This condensation can have a significant impact on your playing ability, clouding your field of vision and blinding you the path of the ball. If your goggles consistently fog up, the chances of you succeeding at racquetball are significantly diminished.

When shopping for racquetball goggles, always ensure you are buying eye-wear that boasts anti-fog properties. An anti-fog coating will quickly eliminate the incidence of condensation, meaning you do not need to worry about constantly stopping to clean your lenses during a game. Other design features will also help combat fogging. Look for goggles that include vents as part of their design. These vents will ensure optimal airflow, minimizing the amount of heat that builds up between the lenses and your face and reducing the amount of condensation that builds up on the inside of the lenses themselves. Another way to combat condensation is to ensure that your goggles of choice do not sit too closely to your face.

If you want a great fit, make sure you buy goggles that include adjustable side arms. These will allow you to move the goggles around your face until you are confident in a secure fit. Side arms also ensure goggles are more comfortable. If you play for many hours at a time, this is very important.

If you regularly play on outdoor courts, you should also think about buying goggles with a UV coating. This coating will ensure your eyes are protected from the harmful effects of the sun. In the fast-paced world of racquetball, it is all too easy to accidentally crane your neck up and make direct eye contact with the sun, so UV coatings can bring you considerable peace of mind.

Planning on playing in a range of environments? Interchangeable lenses are something you should be thinking about. More expensive goggles on the market will allow you to swap out lenses with ease. You can use clear lenses for playing indoors, then switch out to lenses with first-rate UV protection when it comes to play on an outdoor court. Dark lenses are also useful for when you are playing outdoors in bright conditions, ensuring you maintain excellent visibility at all times.

In Summary

Are you a racquetball novice? A budget-friendly pair of plastic goggles provides you with affordable way to protect your eyes. However, if you are a racquetball enthusiast who wants to be ready for games in all conditions, you should definitely think about forking out a little more when shopping for goggles. If your budget stretches far enough, opt for a lightweight pair of goggles made from robust polycarbonate, with interchangeable lenses so you can enjoy superior vision in every situation.

Pyramex I-Force Sporty Dual Pane Anti-Fog Goggles

These are great durable, sturdy goggles which would be a great option for the more cautious racquetball player.

The glasses come with an easy to function strap that is super easy to loosen and tighten and holds its shape when adjusted. This is great for when you are in fast paced intense rallies and need to rely on glasses to remain in place.

The outer polycarbonate lens is very tough and therefore guarantees the safety of both your eyes when playing the sport. The lens is also scratch resistant meaning that you can store it with your other gear and it will still be in tip top shape to play with every single game. The outside lens is also coated with H2X anti-fog technology meaning even if you pick up a sweat you will still be good to play every single point with great visibility. The inside lens is made from acetate which further helps prevent fogging.

A great heavy duty pair of glasses for racquetball which offer great protection and are fog-resistant.


Pyramex Fortress Safety Glasses

A more light-duty comfortable pair of safety glasses that still do the job.

These are some of the more comfortable light-weight safety glasses out there. The nose piece is adjustable and made from the same rubber as the ear segment making it ideal for all face shapes. The lenses have in-built ventilation which is great for when you are playing more intense games – your eyes will still be able to “breathe” meaning you will be able to enjoy your game freely. This also greatly reduces fogging which is a must-have with any pair of glasses used for racquetball.

The outer poly-carbonate lens is very durable and tough meaning that it protects you from any incoming racquetballs that may be directed towards your eyes! It is also scratch resistant meaning you will have no issues storing the glasses with the rest of your gear.

All in all- a more light duty comfortable pair of glasses for racquetball which also offers great protection.


HEAD Racquetball Goggles – Impulse Anti Fog & Scratch Resistant Protective Eyewear w/Clip On Adjustable Strap

A solid light-weight pair of safety glasses which offer maximum protection.

These glasses come with an adjustable elastic strap attached to the back meaning you can wear them as tight or loose as you like for additional comfort. The elastic means that they also stick to your head really well and offer additional safety when you are playing fast-paced games.

The poly-carbonate lenses are also designed by HEAD to be anti-fog, anti-scratch and anti-distortion whilst keeping their durability – keeping you safe while allowing you to have fun when you play the sport! They are also impact resistant meaning they will definitely keep you safe if a racquetball ball comes anywhere near your eyes! The glasses themselves are styled as a one-piece lens for the most protection possible meaning you definitely feel safe when wearing these products.

The glasses frame also have hinge-style temples for extra comfort making them ideal for all-face shapes and sizes.

A great light-weight pair of safety glasses which also offer a solid amount of protection as you enjoy playing the sport!


ToolFreak Rip Out Safety Glasses with Foam Padding,Protective Eyewear with Improved Vision For Men and Women,Impact and UV Protection,Hard Case and Cloth (Clear Lens)

A really solid, safe protective pair of goggles with a huge variety of lenses to choose from.

These glasses are incredibly comfortable to wear. They have foam padding on the underside meaning that they are very very easy on the skin and malleable to your face shape. There is a thick adjustable elastic strap which means that these bad boys are definitely not falling off your head. You can also easily adjust them to whichever degree of tightness feels best for your needs and game.

The lens and frame are both impact resistant meaning you will definitely be safe wearing these on the racquetball court putting help putting your mind at ease. The wrap-around style also means that you will be protected from all angles meaning any way-ward shot will not trouble your eyes!

They are also relatively stylish coming in different designs with smoked, clear and yellow lenses meaning you can choose whichever product best suits you! The lenses are distortion free meaning you will definitely be able to see the ball clearly and time your shots to perfection.

A great purchase for a player looking for sturdy, safe goggles that will definitely offer the best protection.


ToolFreak Agent Safety Glasses Clear Wraparound Lenses with UV and Impact Protection,Fog and Scratch Reduction,ANSI z87+ Rated,Perfect in Work or Sport

A more light-weight but equally as stylish pair of glasses that will protect you when you play racquetball.

These lenses, like the model above are crystal clear, distortion free and scratch resistant meaning you definitely will be able to see the racquetball clearly and time your shots to perfection. The lenses and frame are also ANSI approved for impact resistance meaning that they definitely will keep you safe on the racquetball court.

The black and orange frame gives the glasses a very sleek and cool look which is definitely an added bonus when playing racquetball.

There is an anti-slip ear rest and it comes with the option of attaching a secure neck cord meaning that as your sprinting around the court, the glasses are always going to be stuck to your face – perfect for an intense game of racquetball.

A great more light-weight model of safety glasses with a sleek modern look. The special design means they are sure to protect your eyes.


Power Zone Shield Protective Eyewear

A simple, but effective, model of racquetball eye protection that gets the job done.

The lenses are anti-fog and anti-scratch making them great for more intense rallies and long-lastingness for long term use. The lenses are also very durable making them great for protection against any incoming racquetball balls!

The frames are lightweight yet strong and a neat bonus is the nose bridge row which is made of shock absorbent material. This adds another layer of protection to the glasses making them even more useful to racquetball players!

The glasses come with an elastic strap which is easy to adjust meaning they will fit comfortably to your face and stay there for peace of mind, The nose-piece is made of non-slip material again ensuring both comfort and cementing the glasses in place.

A no-nonsense type of racquetball goggle which covers all the necessary bases without any additional fluff. These are a solid bet for protective glasses.


Unique Sports Super Specs Eye Protectors

A decent budget pair of safety goggles that provide a solid degree of safety.

This is a very light-weight protective gear meaning you will not feel it on your face making it comfortable to play with.

The lens is made of poly-carbonate and is therefore shatterproof and very strong which is definitely a comforting feeling, The lens is also distortion free meaning you will easily be able to accurately see the racquetball ball on court and time your shots to perfection.

The wrapped lenses have a wide 180 degree view meaning you will easily be able to see throughout your peripheral vision.

The glasses also come with anti-scratch and anti-fog coating again adding your overall playing experience.

The nose piece is made from a soft silicone making sure the glasses enable you to play with as much comfort as possible.

All-in-all a decent pair of budget eye protector goggles that provide a significant amount of safety.



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