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Wilson Clash 100 Review

This Wilson Clash 100 Review: This is one of the best rackets we have had the pleasure of reviewing. A very interesting product that appears to have all the benefits of a flexible, light racket, but with a decent amount of power – an incredible feat, but what else do you expect from Wilson. A racket with a great feel to it and one that represents the cutting edge of sport science we believe the Wilson Clash 100 to be perfect for intermediate players and beginners looking for a more reliable and effective racket. 

All in all, a very stylish, innovative versatile tennis racket for great all round play. You definitely will have tonnes of fun playing with this racket that I can assure you of!

Wilson Clash 100 Review – The Feel

For me, feel is the most important part when picking your tennis racket. Is it comfortable? Does it help me play with control? Does it help position my shots with reliability ? etc… and it’s safe to say I was not let down in the slightest.

This is a very easy racket on the arm in terms of arm flexibility and stiffness, allowing a player to stroke the ball with ease. This also happens to make it a great purchase for someone who might have the occasional niggling injury in their racket arm or someone looking to avoid any potential strains. It offers great protection in this area!

The light-headed racket has an almost smoothness to every shot allowing players to caress the ball with ease across the playing court. There also seems to be a large sweet-spot on the racket making it very user friendly and meaning you’ll have great control with perfect shot positioning and ability to place  great weight on the ball.

For players who like to hit a lot of ground strokes, this is a very fun racket to use. The ball almost catapults off the racket with every stroke with an almost popping feel to it.

It is also easy to generate great topspin on your shots meaning you will have a great time at the back of the court pinging shots at your opponent as you place them under pressure. The launch angle is quite high too meaning that it’s very easy to get good depth on your shots, a welcome bonus for those of us who like playing aggressive shots to the back of the court placing our opponents under pressure.

Even at the front of the court, this is a very easy racket to use. It is easy play spin shots and the light-head frame means that maneuverability and racket speed are great! Your back-hand slice will also be very slick and you will be able to cut across and spin the ball with ease making sure you can control the rallies as you play your game.

For a light-weight racket with all its benefits (control, racket speed, maneuverability, comfort) the power generated by this racket is awesome, making it a one of a kind tennis racket. This racket gives you the confidence to go out and play your game – simple as.

The Science behind the Racket

This section is for the more geeky reader looking to understand how and why Wilson have been able to produce such a stunning, innovative racket tailor-made for the modern tennis swing.

This Wilson Clash comes equipped with an incredible, unique 3D bending frame technology. There is normal, traditional horizontal bending which helps explain the great control and power you feel when you hit the ball. There is also torsional bending which helps explain the stability you feel when playing more aggressive shots with this racket. However, the awesome part about the Wilson Clash is that Wilson has programmed the racket to have amazing vertical bending; the best vertical bending out there right now in fact. This means that you have more “dwell time” when you hit the ball, which is great for players with a more vertical swing, further increasing control of the ball but also helping you play your killer top-spin shots with ease.

The racket is also head-light and weighs 295 g unstrung. This means it’s great for maneuverability and reaction times whilst also being easy on the arms making it a really fun all-round racket to play with. 

In terms of specs, the racket is 27 inches long and its head-size is around 100 sq inches. The main body is made up of graphite and the balance point is 12.4 inches.

All of the above mean that with the Clash your guaranteed comfort, power and control – what more can you ask for!


For me one of the best parts about this racket is its slick, modern look which compliments its attributes perfectly. 

Whether you’re a beginner, intermediate or advanced player, everyone wants to look good when they’re playing on the court and the Clash definitely helps you do as such. The bold, but sleek black grey and orange patterning do not disappoint and this racket will represent you well on the court.

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An amazing, cutting edge, stylish racket with a great feel to it. The Wilson Clash 100 appears to offer all the benefits of a light-head flexible racket being control, comfort and flexibility with the added benefit of solid power.

The cutting edge 3D bending, frame technology means that it is a joy to use, it really has that “wow factor” when you play with it. Generating great spin and with a large sweet spot this racket is a great investment for an intermediate or serious beginner player looking for a comfortable, easy-to-use product that offers fantastic all-round-play.



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