Best Tennis Strings | Guide and Reviews

Best Tennis Strings

The advanced tennis player who has invested in a premium racket needs to seriously start thinking about tennis strings. If you are completely unfamiliar with tennis strings, it is high time you brush up on the basics and keep an extra pack of strings in your tennis bag. We have put together an in-depth guide to introduce you to the main types of tennis strings available, allowing you to pick the best string for your exacting needs. After all, the best tennis strings can seriously improve your performance and help reduce the chance you falling foul of strains and other injuries.

It is also important to string your racket correctly and we really recommend you learn how to string your tennis racket correctly or take it to a professional to ensure you get the most out of your new tennis strings!

Natural Gut Strings

There are two main varieties of tennis strings out there. The first of these is natural gut strings. For many years, this was only the type of tennis string available. Natural gut strings begin life as cow intestines. Only after an exhaustive process are they suitable to be used to string tennis rackets. Natural gut strings have been used in tennis since the 1800s. Even today when synthetic alternatives are available, many tennis purists turn to natural gut strings as their preferred option. This natural material is incredibly elastic, providing you with impressive power, superior comfort and feel. Natural gut strings also maintain tension for considerable amounts of time. Even the best synthetic alternatives struggle to match the tensioning performance of natural gut.

There are however some drawbacks to natural gut strings. Compared to synthetic strings, natural gut strings are not that durable, especially if moisture gets a foothold. They are also far more expensive than synthetic strings, locking most tennis enthusiasts out of the market. However, if you are at an advanced enough playing level, can afford the considerable outlying cost and are prepared to maintain them, natural gut strings are something to think about.

Synthetic Alternatives

Don’t have the budget for natural gut strings? Not to worry. Synthetic tennis strings have come a long way in recent years, providing you with plenty of variety and exceptional levels of performance. These artificial strings are made from a range of high-grade synthetic materials that have been carefully tailored to provide you with superb durability, comfort, spin performance and power.

Synthetic strings are usually made from three main types of material. The most commonly encountered synthetic strings are made from nylon. This material itself actually refers to a broader family of synthetics that include a diverse of materials of varying grades.

Synthetic gut strings are also popular. Considering the name, you would be forgiven for expecting these strings to perform similarly to conventional gut strings. However, these strings are among the cheapest on the market and are usually the least desirable option for tennis players. They are best suited to occasional tennis players with less demanding requirements, especially if they do not wish to spend that much money.

As with nylon strings, synthetic gut strings actually refer to a much broader variety. The vast majority of synthetic gut strings have a solid core, with the cheapest options including a single wrap. More expensive synthetic gut strings include multiple outer wraps. The more wraps a string has, the more durable it will be. Additional wraps also enhance the level of cushioning of a string, making any rackets kitted out with them more comfortable to handle.

Multi-filament Strings

Multi-filament stings are another key type you can expect to find on the market. This variety of string was originally designed to offer a premium alternative to synthetic gut strings. The best multi-filament strings on the market combine the best of natural gut and synthetic gut strings. You can expect the superior power, comfort and feel of natural gut, with the enhanced durability of synthetic strings. Nowadays, multi-filament strings are manufactured to a very high standard. Hundreds, if not thousands, of individual fibres can be weaved together to produce an authentic imitation of natural gut strings.

Polyester Strings

Polyester tennis strings are also common. This type of tennis string has been around since the 1990s. Polyester strings allow the player to hit with more force and with greater levels of topspin and are initially a go-to option for many professional players. Although very durable, when compared to other options, polyester strings are relatively low when it comes to power. However, this allows the player to hit the ball with significant force, producing significant topspin, without the worry of damaging strings or compromising on control. Unlike other varieties, polyester strings also snap back into place with surprising efficiency, which further enhances topspin performance. The stiff nature of polyester strings means they can put significant strain on a player. To minimize the chance of players suffering from tennis elbow and similar ailments, polyester strings are often combined with other string types to make the racket more forgiving. If you are an experienced player with a powerful playing style, polyester strings might prove the perfect option.

Kevlar Tennis Strings

Those looking for strings that deliver superior levels of strength should look to Kevlar fibers. This robust string material provides you with incredible strength and first-rate durability. If you have little luck with other materials and consistently break strings, Kevlar strings are an avenue worth exploring. However, to compensate for the harsh nature of Kevlar, these strings are often used alongside other materials for a better feel. Nylon strings are the most commonly used companion for Kevlar, resulting in a composite string that delivers a much better feel. In addition to durability, the key benefits of Kevlar strings are enhanced control and improved tensioning. Additional drawbacks include some sacrifices when it comes to spin.

Selecting the Right Strings for You

Do not feel daunted by the sheer amount of available tennis strings out there. This diverse range might take some investigating, but the variety on offer means you should have no trouble eventually finding a string that is perfected suited to your style of play and individual preferences. A key thing to remember about strings is that each variety has its own benefits and drawbacks. Assess the pros and cons of each type and make an informed decision based on what is most important to you. Another thing to bear in mind is that you will no doubt have to spend some time experimenting with various string types before you hone in on the best match for you.

Tourna Premium Poly Durable Tennis String

The Tourna Premium Poly durable Tennis Strings are great quality tennis strings that come in multiple colors and gauges as both reels and sets.

The Tourna Premium Poly Durable Tennis strings are made in Germany from tough polyester materials.The strings are built to help you strike the ball with power and apply great spin to all your shots. They are specially designed for players who enjoy playing with a heavy topspin style of play helping you smash through your opponents! 

Made to be durable the strings come in different colors: black, green, optic yellow and pearl so there is a style of string for everyone.

You also have the option of purchasing the string in different degrees of thickness ranging from 18 g to 16 g so you have plenty of options to tailor the strings to your individual needs.

You can also choose whether you would like to purchase the strings in a 660 foot reels or a 40 foot set which is more than ideal.


Luxilion ALU Power 125 Tennis Racquet String Set (16L Gauge, 1.25 mm)

The Luxillon ALU Power 125 tennis racket string set is a strong and sturdy model of racket string that is used by several ATP top 100 pros so you know your getting a quality product.

The racket string comes in a 16 gauge thickness and it is great for players who like a more controlled and close-knit feel to their game.

The strings themselves are made from tough and durable co-polymer fluorocarbon resin fibers so you are bound to get good use out of them. The co-polymer construction gives the strings a more elastic feel as well. The special aluminium present in the strings is unique to Luxilon giving the sting a more soft and controlling feel. The strings have a great combination of both power and control to them along with a great fee – a rare combination.

The strings also generate a decent amount of spin too providing plenty of whip to your shots.

The Luxilion ALU Power 125 tennis racket strings are great for all types of players, especially for players who enjoy to play off the baseline and play with strong swings with tonnes of power and spin.


RPM Blast Black 17g Strings

The RPM Blast Black 17 g strings are a thinner string perfect for players who want a better feel and control in their shots.

The strings are a sleek jet black in color giving them a pretty cool and sleek design – these will definitely be the envy of all other players on the tennis court.

The special tough poly co-poly nature of the strings  help provide a very spin-friendly surface to carry out perfect slice and cut shots as you play your game on court. The special RPM Blast surface allows the strings to slide out of arrangement to strike the and then recoil back to add serious spin to your shots.

The RPM Blast provides a slightly softer feel to most regular polyester strings and as testimony to Rafa Nadal’s use of RPM Blast strings they work great for big hitters, players who use heavy rackets, whilst providing great control, spin and a long-lastingness.

The RPM Blast Black 17g strings are great for players who want a thin, sleek string that is awesome to play with.


Wilson NXT 40-Feet String

The Wilson NXT string is a great all-round string with particular strengths in comfort and feel.

The string comes in both a 16 gauge thickness and a 17 gauge thickness so you can pick the ideal level of thickness you wish to string your tennis racket to, customizing it to your needs.

Along with the incredibly comfortable aspect of the strings, the strings have a surprisingly powerful pop as you hit the ball making it super easy to play with more depth and strength in all your shots. The spin generated by the racket is also decent helping you play your important cut and slice shots with ease.

With Wilson strings you are almost guaranteed quality in the tennis department, being a global juggernaut supported by tonnes of top ATP tennis players. What’s also cool with these strings is that they are great for the vast majority of tennis players of all different tennis levels. They are super playable and excel in pretty much all aspects.

The Wilson NXT 40 foot string is a great all-round tennis string which excels in its comfort.


Head Rip Control Tennis String

The Head Rip Control tennis Strings are the perfect tennis strings for a more advanced or serious tennis player.

The strings come in a natural and black color so you can tailor and personalize the strings to your tennis racket for a stylish finish.

The strings come in a range of sizes from 16 gauge through till 18 gauge so there is a string thickness for everyone!

Head Rip Control tennis strings are made from a special polypropylene ribbon technology with a multi-filament core for great power and awesome control in every shot. These tennis strings are really rewarding to play with, you can really “feel it” when you perfectly time your shots!

The strings come in 40 feet reel so you have plenty of string length to use.

There is a reason why some have touted this model of strings as the best synthetic strings on the market!


Wilson Revolve Tennis String

Another Wilson tennis product which does not disappoint, the Wilson Revolve Tennis String is a great all-round string with a particular emphasis on spin.

The Resolve tennis strings have a cool snap-back property which is great for all forms of spin. Your spin-serve, topspin and cut shots are all going to benefit from these polyester strings. The power stats on these are pretty decent too and you will easily be able to play all your shots with solid depth and speed.

The strings come in three different colors: black, white or orange helping you tailor them to your racket’s color giving you a sleek and stylish finish.

With Wilson Revolve tennis strings, you have the option of purchasing a thicker, more durable 15 gauge string, along with a 16 and 17 gauge one which is a great bonus.

Coming in a 40 foot real, you will have plenty of sting to go round.

A great model of tennis string, perfect for players who like to play with a lot of spin!


Wilson Sensation 660-Feet Reel

The Wilson Sensation tennis strings are ideal for players looking for strings that just feel great and comfortable to use.

These strings are special as they are especially made to reduce vibrations for comfort and you will be playing with softer and more playable tennis strings.

There are three different staging thicknesses of string available: a 15 thicker more durable 15 gauge, a 16 gauge and a thinner more advanced 17 gauge.

The strings are available in a natural color which is very neutral and is compatible with most racket styles out there at the moment.

The very elastic nylon fibers of the strings make them ideal for players who like a bit of power generated through their strings too.

On top of that, the strings come in a 660-foot reel which gives you plenty of racket string to play with!

All-in-all, this is a great model of tennis strings for players looking for a comfortable string to enjoy playing tennis with.



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