Head MicroGel Radical MP Review

Head MicroGel Radical MP Review

The Radical series of tennis rackets from Head have been around for some time now. Many consumers consider them some of the best quality rackets that money can be. However, it is worth remembering that the Head Radical series is not really designed with novices in mind. Instead, these rackets are the go-to for intermediate tennis players and those with a more advanced skill level. The Head MicroGel Radical MP tennis racket is no different. If you wish to get the best out of this racket, you will need to be confident in your ability to deliver faster and longer strokes. The reason for this is that the MicroGel Radical MP does not produce a significant amount of power, meaning you have to put force into shots yourself.

What sets this Head Radical racket apart from other options available is innovative MicroGel technology. This cutting-edge technology allows this Radical racket to effectively distribute the shock of impact throughout the entire frame. This has a huge impact on the overall comfort you can expect when playing with this racket, making a desirable option for those looking for superb feel. The MicroGel Radical MP also includes a first-rate string pattern. Although this string pattern will not provide you with much in the way of power, it will allow you to maintain fast, fuller strokes from the baseline area of the tennis court.

Key Features of the Head MicroGel Radical MP Racket

Even if you have previously invested in Head Radical rackets, this particular design is well worth shelling out for. The reason for this is the innovative MicroGel technology on offer. Previous rackets from the range do not include this technology. The MicroGel material itself is made from a silicone derived substance and can be found in equal consistency throughout the entire racket frame. The MicroGel layer provides the racket with superior durability and stability. More experienced players that fall into the intermediate and advanced brackets will instantly notice the enhanced playability of this racket.

This is also a very versatile racket. It is suitable for more experienced players who have already mastered essential techniques. This premium racket is primed for practicing these advanced skills and delivers consistent results. This racket is also beautifully proportioned. With a size of 98 square inches, the Head MicroGel racket is tailored to deliver exceptional levels of control. The compromise is that you can expect a much tighter sweet spot, although this should not deter more able tennis players. This racket has a length of 27 inches. This is typical of standard rackets so makes it a very accessible option. The standard length means you can enjoy great balance and an extended reach. It also means you can move around the court freely for the duration of a game.

The string pattern of this racket is relatively dense. The 18 x 20 string pattern is ideal for those players looking for refined levels of control, particularly if they wish to enjoy the best results when it comes to accuracy. As long as you have decent training behind you and have mastered essential techniques and have an effective playing style, the Head MicroGel Radical MP will give you a real edge on the tennis court.

Standout Features of the MicroGel Radical MP

The MicroGel technology at the core of this racket deserves a closer look. This superior material technology is complemented by stiff carbon fibres to produce a racket that excels when it comes to all round comfort and durability. When you make successful contact with the ball, the racket will compress to absorb excessive shocks. Vibration is distributed evenly throughout the racket head and frame, allowing you to maintain a high degree of control at all times. Better tennis players will already have a firm handle on control, but this design feature will help ensure you consistently keep on top of racket control for longer periods. It also all but eliminates discomfort when playing. If you suffer from tennis elbow or need to consider an existing weakness, this vibration control is a huge advantage.

The significant head width of this racket also deserves praise. The wider head will allow you to hit the ball with a decent amount of force, sending it further across the court and ensuring higher bounces. This is achieved because the racket will add essential spin on the ball, every time. These performance enhancing features will allow you to pay for longer and suit a more aggressive style of play, especially as they help reduce the amount of stress the user experience.

The Head MicroGel Radical MP weighs approximately 10.5 ounces. Overall, the racket is a very lightweight option. However, it is worth remembering that the racket is a little heavier at the handle, with the head being the lighter half of the design. This might seem a little unusual at first, but this slight discrepancy in weight is what allows for maneuverability and lets you enjoy faster swinging speeds. Despite the weight discrepancy, this racket is relatively well balanced. The ultra-lightweight design will also appeal to the most experienced of tennis players out there.

Is the Head MicroGel Radical MP Right for You?

Unsure of whether or not the MicroGel Radical MP will suit your individual playing style? It is worth asking yourself a few questions before you commit to a purchase. The less experienced player will probably find the MicroGel Radical MP too tricky to wield effectively on the court. You need to have a decent base of playing ability and techniques in order to get the best out of this racket. Therefore, it is best suited to intermediate and advanced tennis players. The more proficient tennis player will definitely benefit from the higher levels of control provided by this racket. It can also be used to put advanced skills into practice, allowing you to assess whether or not your technique is at an adequate level.

You will already need good levels of control and be able to generate sufficient power in order to play well with this racket. If you have spend considerable time training with beginner rackets and tweeners, it might be time to upgrade to the Head MicroGel Radical MP.

Pros & Cons of the Head MicroGel Radical MP Racket

Head MicroGel Technology is the real draw of this exceptional racket. This innovative material will evenly distribute vibrations throughout the entire frame, providing you with high levels of comfort and allowing you to maintain constant control over the racket. The wider design of the racket also means you can expect higher levels of spin, every time. As this racket allows you to enjoy better control over the ball, you can take charge of how deeply struck balls land.

There are some drawbacks to this advanced tennis racket design. Avoid the MicroGel Radical MP if you are yet to become efficient with more advanced playing techniques. Less confident tennis players will also find the loss of power a major drag here. Rather than put an emphasis on power, this racket focuses squarely on control and feel. This racket also has a much tighter sweet spot than other options out there. If you struggle to make contact with the ball consistently, a smaller sweet spot will only make a game of tennis more challenging.

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In Conclusion

The Head MicroGel Radical MP is arguably one of the finest advanced rackets on the market. If you are looking to take your game to the next level, the first-rate design features and superior build of this racket will help you get there. You will of course need to ensure your overall technique and basic skills are strong enough, but if they are, you can look forward to much faster swings and enhanced maneuverability.



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